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College Essentials Checklist

college essentials
Going to college can be stressful for your son or daughter. It’s even more stressful when they don’t have the things they need. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you make sure they have all the college essentials.

Make sure your student has everything they need to settle into the dorms this semester with our list of college essentials.

Depending on your outlook, it may be hard to let your baby go off to college, or it may be a relief to finally have your house to yourself again. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you send your student off armed with the college essentials. This will ensure that they have everything they need to succeed at school.


A challenge that faces a lot of college students is laundry. Whether they intend to do their own or bring a garbage bag full of dirty clothes home for mom to wash every weekend, they don’t want to run out of clothes between washings. This list is intended to give you ideas. Depending on where your student is going and the time of year, you may not need them all. Here are some college essentials in clothing:

  • A few weeks’ worth of underwear
  • Clothes for the current season and the one after, depending on what semester it is
  • A good raincoat and boots in case of rain
  • A heavier winter coat or fall jacket (with a hat and gloves or mittens) in case of a cold snap
  • Dorm-appropriate pajamas
  • At least one set of dress clothes (with shoes) if your student intends to join a sorority or fraternity
  • A bathing suit
  • A bathrobe and some flip flops for the dorm showers
  • A pair of running shoes for sports, working out, or just walking around campus
  • A pair of hiking boots or winter boots in case your student wants to explore nature in their new home

Personal Care

An obvious but easy-to-forget part of the college essentials is personal care items. Regardless of gender, here are some personal care essentials:


There are a lot of college essentials that can make your student feel like they’re at home in their new dorm room, but none moreso than the right bedding. Here are a few of the bedding must-haves:


There are a lot of supplies your student will need that fall under the category of college essentials. A lot of them have to do with laundry, first aid, and cleaning. The key ones are:

Small Appliances and Electronics

Dorm rooms are small, but there are a few appliances small enough to fit in the space that will be lifesavers for your student. In this day and age, the college essentials always include machines and electronics. Here are a few that will make your student’s life a lot easier:


Dinnerware is a set of college essentials that usually gets overlooked because, hey, there’s a cafeteria or dining hall right around the corner from their dorm. But trust me, sometimes you just need to stay in because of nasty weather or because you need to finish that research paper. Here are a few things that will help your student out:

  • A set of washable, microwavable dishes (A mug, glass, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, and fork) that they can use to make their own food
  • Disposable plates and utensils if there’s nowhere for them to wash their own dishes

It’s also important to remind your student to bring their ID, driver’s license, and credit or debit cards. If they are going to travel for spring break, they’ll also need their passport. Check out this printer-friendly PDF version of our college essentials checklist that you can take shopping with you.

Just think ahead, guide them to the things they’ll need, and talk to them about everything they might face. Their future is bright, and it’s time to let them shine.


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