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Kitchen Concerts for Kids

Cure that cabin fever with this fun DIY project: kitchen concerts for kids.

You’re not using your pots and pan right now, are you? Why not be the coolest parent around and let your children have a blast in the kitchen. They can create music using various items from around the kitchen. Letting children create their own music promotes self expression along with physical activity. So pull out those “instruments” and let their imaginations do the rest. The kitchen concerts for kids are about to begin!

Kitchen Concerts for Kids
Whether it’s a rainy day or winter weather, being stuck inside can be tough on the whole family. Get everyone up and moving with this fun idea from Blain’s Farm & Fleet: kitchen concerts for kids!

How to Make Kitchen Concerts for Kids:

1. Hit the cupboards.Glasses and mugs can easily become bells and chimes. Fill glasses with varying levels of water and let your child see how each glass now produces a different sound.

2. Utensils are next! Pull out the forks and spoons to make clanging noises. Spatulas and wooden spoons will help make softer noises on the instrument of choice. Two spoons put together make a great sound for the band.

3. Next, find those really fun, oddball kitchen gadgets. Kids will love using whisks, turkey basters, potato mashers and the like to create music. Their creativity will run wild. Have a cheese grater? Give this “instrument” to an older child, along with a wooden spoon to create a unique sound. As a precaution, keep utensils with sharp edges safe in their drawers.

4. Bring out the pots and pans. The big “instruments” are next of course. Pull out every size pot and pan from the cupboards. Each size is going to offer a unique sound for the concert. Don’t forget the lids! They can be used as ‘cymbals’ for the ‘drums.’

5. Need more percussion? Fill two plastic cups with candy. Use skittles, jelly beans, anything hard that will make a noise. Tape the two cups together and shake – you now have maracas! Shake away!

With a little imagination, anything in your kitchen could become an instrument. Use rubber bands, Tupperware, car keys, milk jugs and more to let your kids create their own unique sound. Be sure to let them practice and set up a time for them to perform for the rest of your family.


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