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Car Organization Tips

car organization
Sometimes things just sneak up on you. A messy car can be one of those things, but Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the tips and accessories to help you keep your car clean and neat.

So maybe sometimes you have so much stuff in your car that it looks like you live there. Maybe you’re always on the go and you need to be prepared for anything the road can throw at you. You might not even be a particularly messy person, but things can pile up in your car gradually without you really noticing. It might seem like a huge task to clean up and keep it clean, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re looking to bring some order to the chaos in your car or truck, or if you want to prevent that chaos from ever arising in your new set of wheels, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has you covered with all the tips and accessories you’ll need to keep your car clean and organized.

Clean Up the Trash

Especially if you take a lot of trips or have kids, little bits of trash can build up into a massive landfill in no time. After cleaning it, it seems to just slowly take shape again. This time, get a collapsible litter bin or portable trash can to keep the trash from building up again.

Give Everything its Place

Keep things closest to where you use them most often. Car organization is a game of of convenience. Things are less likely to get misplaced if they have a designated storage spot right where you use them. Keep your bungie cords and gas can in the trunk, your sunglasses in your windshield visor, and your tissues and pens in the center console. Keep the kids’ favorite toys in a back seat organizer. Keep your favorite toys in a dashboard organizer. Keep checkbooks and sunglasses in a visor organizer. If you have trouble keeping your CDs straight, there are special CD organizers for your car, too. The key to car organization is making a place for everything by getting organizers with enough pockets to hold the things you like to keep in your car or truck.

Make Car Organization a Habit

Your car organization effort will fail unless you get consistent. This means that everyone who uses your car has to know the rules for where things go. It also means that you may have to play the bad cop with the kids until they learn where everything goes and make a habit of putting them there.


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