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Kitchen Organization Ideas

Get your kitchen back in shape with these kitchen organization ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Is a messy and unorganized kitchen holding you back from displaying your true culinary skills? Do you have difficulty finding the right herbs and spices before your pot of water boils over or your saute pan starts to smoke? It sounds like you need a new kitchen. However, not everyone can afford the time or money for a remodel. That’s why Blain’s Farm & Fleet has some easy kitchen organization ideas to help make the most of what you have.

Kitchen Organization Ideas
Declutter valuable storage space with these easy kitchen organization ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Kitchen Organization Ideas:

1. Cupboards and Drawers

Are your cupboards and drawers cluttered and disorganized? Consider picking up some glass storage jars and labeling them to keep track of things like powdered sugar, flour and baking soda. A drawer organizer is great for sorting flatware and can even be used for other kitchen utensils. Rather than keeping all of your herbs and spices cluttered into a cupboard, keep them organized in plain sight with a spice rack. For more pantry ideas, read through our pantry organization tips.

2. Cookware and Cleaning Supplies

Believe it or not, a tension rod can be extremely useful in the kitchen. Assemble it underneath your sink to hang all of your spray bottles for easy access. This will help to free up space down below for extra cleaning chemicals. Tension rods also make great dividers when assembled vertically. Consider using them in your pantry to separate cookie sheets, cutting boards and platters.

3. Recipes

Now that you’re ready to cook a delicious meal for the family, make sure you can find the recipe. Consider a recipe box to keep your recipes organized. Pick up some index cards and write out all of your latest recipes. Alphabetizing your recipes is a great way to ensure that you can find them quickly. Consider using masking tape or colorful electric tape to make tabs for each letter; then label the tabs A-Z. This will ensure that you never have to dig for recipes.

Once the kitchen is organized to your liking, you’ll be amazed at how accessible your abundance of ingredients has become. Your maneuverability will be unmatched as you waltz around the kitchen rekindling your love for the art cooking. For more ways to organize your home, visit our Storage & Organization blog.


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