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Garage Organization Tips

Garage organization is easy with our helpful tips.

It’s easy for your garage to become a haven for old boxes, miscellaneous parts and other stray junk. Don’t let this mess consume your life and prevent you from utilizing valuable storage space. With a few simple garage organization ideas, you will be making the most of your extra space in no time. Here are a few tips on garage organization.

Toss Out What You Don’t Need

Garage Organization Tips
Your garage is full of coolers, tools, sports equipment and more. Break through the clutter with our helpful garage organization tips.

The key to garage organization is to get rid of clutter. Clean out your entire garage to get an idea of how much space you have to work with. Separate things you want to keep from things you want to get rid of. Before you throw anything away, consider what may be useful to someone else and donate anything you don’t want to a local thrift store. Separate the things you want to keep into similar piles. For example, paint cans and brushes or nuts and bolts.

Sweep the Floor

Purchase a large push broom and sweep the entire floor. Wear eye protection to protect your eyes from garage floor debris. You’ll have a completely fresh canvas to work with.

Install Organized Storage Shelving

Consider some storage shelving to line a wall of your choice. Designate each shelf for one of the similar piles you made when you cleaned out the garage. Organize the shelves neatly and label them by category. Plant labels work great; just write the name of the category on the label and tape it to the shelf.

Install Wall Mount Cabinets

Give yourself some extra room to park your car by installing wall mount cabinets on the back wall. Make sure they’re high enough so that the front of your car has an extra foot of space to park, but low enough that you can reach them. Use a level to ensure that the cabinets are even. Place a drawer storage cabinet inside your wall mount cabinet. This works great for storing nuts, bolts and other pieces of hardware that are easily lost.

Use Storage Hooks to Reduce Floor Clutter

During the summertime, it may be convenient to park your bikes, lawnmower or other large objects underneath the wall mount cabinets. However, you’ll want to store them during the winter. If you don’t have a separate shed or storage facility, consider picking up some wall storage hooks. These heavy duty storage hooks are easy to mount to the wall or ceiling and work great for hanging bicycles, ladders and other heavy objects.

Store Sports Equipment

For bats, balls and miscellaneous sports equipment, pick up some extra storage totes. These are great for keeping loose objects contained and avoiding accident or injury.

Once your garage is neat and organized, it will become your new favorite place to spend time. With a clean space,you’ll be able to get work done quickly and efficiently.


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