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Junk Drawer Organization Tips

Reclaim valuable storage space with our easy junk drawer organization tips.

We all have one in our kitchen. The dreaded junk drawer. The place where mysterious keys, old coupons and knick knacks go, never to be seen again. When you don’t know where something goes, it’s easy: throw it in the junk drawer. When you have guests coming over and you need to quickly clean off your counters, you throw everything in the junk drawer. It’s time to get organized, and take back that valuable kitchen space. With our helpful organizing tips, you can turn your junk drawer into a usable space once more.

1. Empty Out the Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer Organization Tips
With an overstuffed junk drawer, you’re wasting valuable storage space. Get rid of the clutter with our helpful junk drawer organization tips.

Before you even start organizing, it’s best to empty out the drawer. Lay everything out on your counter or table. This way you can see everything that’s in the drawer. Start by throwing away garbage, such as expired coupons, grocery receipts, etc. If there is anything with your credit card number or personal information, put those things in a pile to be shredded. While your drawer is empty, give it a good wipe down with a paper towel.

2. Sort Through the Items

Once you’ve thrown away any garbage, it’s time to start sorting through what’s left. Put similar items in piles together. As you’re going through everything, see what actually belongs in other areas of the house. Any loose screws or nails should go in a tool box or garage storage area. Personal care items should go in the bathroom. Sorting items by room makes it easy to put things away once your junk drawer is organized.

3. Arrange Your Drawer Organizers

The easiest way to keep your junk drawer organized is by using some sort of storage divider. There are plenty of ways to do this. One of the easiest ways to organize small items, such as push pins, is to use an ice cube tray. There are also drawer organizers with dividers that you can buy. It all comes down to what you’re storing, and which way will be the easiest to stay organized.

4. Stay Organized

It may seem like a no-brainer, but continuing to stay organized is the key to keeping your junk drawer clutter-free. Schedule a time when you can regularly clean out your junk drawer. It could be once a week, month, whenever. An easy way to remember is to schedule your cleaning time with other household chores. Stay on top of your cleaning schedule, use the drawer organizers and reclaim your kitchen drawers.

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