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Pantry Organization Tips

Enjoy time in the kitchen with our simple pantry organization tips.

Whether you’re pulling out baking ingredients or just trying to find a can of soup for dinner, rifling through a cluttered pantry is a pain. It’s time to purge, get organized, and take back your pantry. With our helpful pantry organization tips, you’ll have plenty of storage space.

1. Empty Your Pantry

Pantry Organization Tips
An organized pantry can make all the difference in your kitchen. Use our pantry organization tips to declutter your valuable space.

The first step of pantry organization is emptying out your pantry. This way, you can see everything in your pantry — even the forgotten can of beans shoved way in the back. With everything out on your counter or kitchen table, you’ll be able to get organized.

Separate everything into piles. Make one pile for things that you use on a daily basis. Make another pile for items that you don’t use as often. If you have unopened, unexpired items that you know you won’t use, put them in a donate pile. Your local food pantry can always use donations, especially in the months not surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finally, throw away any food that is expired or looks suspicious.

2. Clean Your Pantry

With everything out of the pantry, it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a good cleaning. Think about it…when’s the last time your pantry was completely empty and clean? Start by vacuuming or sweeping crumbs off the shelves and floor. Wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth or paper towel, and let them dry before you fill the pantry back up.

3. Invest in Storage Containers & Organizers

After your pantry has been cleaned, it’s time to figure out where everything is going to go. If you have boxes of open pasta, bags of open flour, etc., you may want to invest in storage containers for your pantry. Not only will they make your pantry look nicer, but it will be more organized, too.

You can make cans, jars and whatever else easy to reach by using turntables in your pantry. Load similar foods, such as soup and canned vegetables, on the turntable. Simply spin it to access canned goods, whether they’re in the back or front of the pantry.

If you have a lot of spices to organize, using a spice rack is a good idea. Glass canisters are great for storing everything from loose tea to spaghetti. They keep everything fresh, while making your pantry look organized.

4. Put Everything Back In the Pantry

Once you have all the storage containers you need, it’s time to put everything in the pantry. Keep items you use on a daily basis at eye level, making them easy to get to. If you have kids, keep their snacks in one area so they don’t have to rifle through everything. Store items you don’t use as much on higher shelves. If you can, store a step stool in your pantry. It will make it much easier to reach those high-shelf items. Heavier items, such as dog food or olive oil, should be stored on lower shelves.

After you’ve followed our pantry organization tips, you can tackle the rest of your kitchen. For more on organizing your home, car and everything in between, visit our storage and organization blog.


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