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Kitchen Gadgets Storage Ideas

Keep your kitchen organized with our kitchen gadgets storage ideas.

We all use a bunch of gadgets in the kitchen. Whether you use small appliances, like a food processor, or cooking tools, you need to store your kitchen gadgets. Sometimes it might seem your kitchen isn’t big enough for all your gadgets. With our simple storage tips, you can organize your kitchen gadgets in no time.

Store Smart

Kitchen Gadgets Storage Ideas
Take back your kitchen with our kitchen gadgets storage ideas. Find unused space and get organized with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Think about how often you use certain kitchen gadgets and utensils. Store items you use on a daily basis on the lower shelves. This way they’re easy to reach and use. Gadgets and dishes that aren’t used as much should go on the higher shelves.

It’s also a good idea to group similar kitchen gadgets with each other. Bakeware should be grouped together, in its own centralized cabinet or storage space. Keep pots and pans stored close to your stove to make cooking time more efficient.

Cooking tools that you use daily, such as kitchen shears and spatulas, should also be easy to reach. Keeping your tools within reach and organized will cut down on time in the kitchen. Store the small tools in a container next to the stove, or hang them over it.

One of the worst parts of organizing a kitchen is housing storage containers. Keep lids stored with their matching container. An easy way to store food storage containers is by using cabinet dividers. They keep items separated in your drawers, avoiding a big mess of containers and lids.

Drawer organizers are also a great way to keep your utensils organized and stored. Group small kitchen items, such as flatware and corn holders, in their own sections of the organizers.

Using decorative baskets to house small kitchen gadgets is a great option. You can match the baskets to your kitchen decor, all while keep things organized. For example, you can group measuring cups and spoons together in a basket. Keep small appliances, such as hand mixers, together with their attachments in one basket.

Use Every Space

If you have open wall space in your kitchen, use it! Hanging kitchen towels, aprons and more will open valuable cabinet and drawer space for other kitchen gadgets. You can also hang towels on over-the-door cabinet hangers.

Use space under your cabinets. You can hang paper towel with a paper towel holder under your cabinet. Simply install them on the underside of your cabinets. If you have appliances you use frequently, such as a stand mixer, keep it under the cabinet on the counter. You can even use a stand mixer cover to cover up your mixer.

Over the door shoe organizers can be used on the back side of your pantry door. Keep small utensils or food stored in the hanging organizers for easy access. There are also small rack organizers that can help you store trash bags, plastic wrap and more.


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