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Bakeware Kitchen Essentials

With the right bakeware, you can be the master chef of your own kitchen.

You need to make food for a family gathering. You know what you want to make…but what should you make it in? Different types of bakeware and bakeware materials serve different purposes. Find out what which bakeware is essential for your kitchen.

Essential Bakeware for Your Kitchen

Bakeware Kitchen Essentials
Baking is a great activity for the whole family. Find out which bakeware you need to get the job done.

Cookie Sheet – When you think baking, hot, fresh cookies probably come to mind. If you buy any piece of bakeware, it should be a cookie sheet. While you can make delicious cookies, you can also bake a variety of food on a cookie sheet. Look for a thick, heavy duty metal cookie sheet. Thin ones can be flimsy and warp in a hot oven.

Muffin Tin – A muffin tin is a great piece of bakeware for any kitchen. It’s great for portion control. You can make more than just muffins in your muffin tin. Read through our tasty muffin tin recipes for some great out-of-the-box recipes everyone will love.

Cake Pan – Cake pans will have multiple uses in your kitchen. You can make single layer cakes, or multiple layers. You can also make cinnamon rolls and even casseroles in a cake pan. It’s best to look for nonstick cake pans.

Loaf Pan – From banana bread to meat loaf, you can bake many recipes in a loaf pan. The rolled edges make it easy to remove and serve your homemade bread or poundcake. You will want a nonstick option for easy cleanup, too. You can even make homemade ice cream in a loaf pan, and slice it up for even portions.

Tart Pan – A tart pan is a fun addition to any kitchen. You can make fruit tart and breakfast quiche, just to name a few dishes.

Casserole Dish – A casserole pan is one of the most versatile pieces of bakeware you’ll want in your kitchen. You can make brownies, roasted chicken, casserole, you name it. You’ll find casserole dishes made from glass or metal. Look for a casserole dish that comes with a plastic lid. It will make storing leftovers easy, and you’ll cut down on using aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Ramekins – Different size ramekins are great for portion control. You can make small souffles, fruit tarts, and dips. They’re also visually appealing, making them perfect for oven-to-table serving.

Pie Pan – There’s nothing better than homemade pie. A pie pan will give you the ability to make pies at home all year long. Pie pans are shallow and round, perfect for holding a pie’s shape. The scalloped edges allow you to easily form the pie crust’s shape. They’re also typically made to look nice for serving.

Don’t forget the other baking essentials. Cooling racks are great for cookies, cakes, muffins and more. Your baked goods will cool down while staying off the counter. A stand mixer is also a great addition if you’re making a lot of baked goods, especially around the holidays. Measuring cups make it easy to follow a recipe. A rolling pin will help you flatten the toughest dough. Once you’re equipped with the right bakeware, you’ll be baking like a pro.


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