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The Best Pet Hair Vacuum

A dog lays on the carpet, staring down a pet hair vacuum.
In the epic battle of pet hair vs the living room rug, not all vacuums are created equal. In this article, we discuss the best pet hair vacuums.

Choosing the best pet hair vacuum is a very important purchase.

Pet owners need a vacuum that gets both the fur and dander out of their carpet in the most effective and efficient manner. There are many vacuums on the market today made specifically for pet hair removal.  But, how are they different from other vacuums? And, what should you look for in a pet hair vacuum? Below we provide a guide on what to look for when purchasing a vacuum for pet hair.

Super Suction Power

Every vacuum needs to have suction, but vacuums in homes with pet hair and dander need more than average suction power. We recommend at least 12 amps of suction or a cyclone suction system, as can be found in Shark and Dyson models. Enhanced suction is needed to get the fur and dander out of the carpet and into the vacuum’s containment unit. In addition to strong suction, a good pet hair vacuum should not lose suction over time.


Pet hair vacuums are usually upright models. In general, they have more suction power than canister vacuums. However, uprights are heavier and hence more difficult to operate. It is important that you get the vacuum that is most comfortable for you. Sometimes, people with bad backs are better off purchasing a high-powered canister vacuum than trying to handle an upright. That being said, there are several high quality lightweight uprights on the market which do an amazing job of picking up pet hair despite their smaller size.

A cordless vacuum will provide a lot of maneuverability and work great for some people in apartments or for doing a quick vacuum as needed. But, as the battery wears down a cordless vacuum will lose suction. This makes cordless not ideal for vacuuming a entire house, which has a lot of carpeting.

If you need a second vacuum to do small spot cleaning we recommend a hand vacuum made especially for pet hair. These are great for upholstery, dog beds, hard to reach places and more!

 Vacuum Tools for Pet Owners

One of the greatest advantages of pet hair vacuums are their pet hair specific attachments. They usually come with quite an assortment of tools from crevice and nozzle tools to special brushes for upholstery and other brush tools. They also often come with a revolving brush tool, which pulls pet hair out of upholstery and other surfaces. All of these tools work great in the fight against pet hair getting stuck in fabric and hard to reach places.

Filtration in Vacuums for Pet Hair and Dander

Good filtration is important for any vacuum, but pet hair vacuums need extra filtration to keep pet dander from being blown into the air. To effectively lower pet allergens in your home you need a vacuum with a filter that can trap dander. A good pet hair vacuum should have a HEPA or multi-stage filtration system. Pet owners should clean their vacuum’s filtration unit on a regular basis.

We hope this guide has helped you find the best pet hair vacuum for your home. If you live near one of our stores, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly sales associates for information on the specific vacuums for pet hair.


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