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5 Tips for Traveling With Dogs

Get ready for next vacation with our tips on traveling with dogs.

Your dog is part of your family, so when you go on a trip, you might want to bring your furry family member with you. Before you leave, it’s important to be prepared. With our five tips for traveling with dogs, you’ll be ready for your next family vacation.

1. Make Sure Your Destination is Dog-Friendly

5 Tips for Traveling With Dogs
A family trip wouldn’t be complete without your four-legged family members. Use our tips for traveling with dogs on your next family vacation.

Before you decide to bring your dog along, make sure the hotel at your destination or stops along the way allow dogs. Typically, many hotels don’t allow dogs, or have breed/size restrictions. If the hotel does allow dogs, be courteous to the hotel staff and other guests. This means keeping your dog as quiet as possible, and keeping an eye on your dog so it doesn’t destroy any hotel property. Also remember to pick up after your dog.

2. Get Up to Date With Your Vet

Take your dog for a routine checkup before going on your trip. It’s a good idea to get a health certificate from your vet, showing that your dog is healthy and can travel. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations, and fill any prescriptions if your dog is on any medication. Also consider getting your dog micro-chipped before the trip–the checkup at the vet is the perfect time to have it done.

3. Bring Along Forms of Identification

If your dog gets away from you on your trip it’s important to have all forms of identification with you. Be sure you bring along a durable leash and collar. The collar should include identification tags, proof of rabies shots and your phone number. It’s also a good idea to bring along a picture of your dog, or have some pictures saved on your cellphone.

4. Make a Packing Checklist

Just like you would for yourself, make a packing list for your dog. There are travel dog bowls that are collapsible, so they easily fit in the car or a suitcase. You’ll also want to bring along dog food, dog treats, a dog bed, pet carrier and some toys to keep them occupied.

5. Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable During the Ride

During the drive itself, there are some precautions you should take. Don’t leave your dog in the car alone, especially on hot and even mildly warm days. To keep your pup nice and cool, use window shades and the air conditioning in your vehicle. Also keep ice and water on hand for rest stops.

It’s also important to keep your dog restrained in the vehicle. Don’t open any doors or window if your dog is loose in the car–it’s the perfect storm for a runaway dog. When you’re traveling with dogs, they need to be in a kennel or strapped in with a pet car harness. Don’t let them ride in the bed of a truck, as just one slam on the brakes can cause injury or cause them to fly out of the truck bed.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need for your furry family members. From dogs to cats to small animals, your animal experts have what you need to give your pets the best care. For more tips on caring for your pets, visit our Pet Care blog.


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