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Dog Fence: Questions & Answers

We all love our furry, four legged family members and the thought of them getting loose, running away and something happening to them can be unbearable. That is why selecting the right dog fence is vital to their safety.

Whether your pup is an expert escape artist or just likes to wander the neighborhood saying hello, there are many different dog fence options available. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help you choose the best dog fence for your dog. We have listed common questions with answers that many dog owners have about selecting a dog fence.

What is the difference between an electric, underground and wireless dog fence?

An electric dog fence is a great tool for teaching your dog about boundaries but should not be used as a fence. Your dog still needs supervision. An underground dog fence has wire that you bury underground. The wire needs to go from a signal box, around the perimeter and back to box. A dog collar reacts to a radio signal when your dog gets close to the wire. The dog will first hear a tone and then will receive a slight shock. A wireless dog fence has a signal box that you place in one remote area. There is a 180′ diameter circle. When your dog wearing the linked dog collar approaches the edge of the signal boundary, the dog will hear a tone followed by a slight shock.

Dog Fence Questions & Answers
Your dog is the best dog in the world and your very best friend. However, sometimes he can get into places he’s not supposed to be. Keep your dog safe and at home with an electric dog fence. He won’t have to roam and you’ll have a sense of peace of mind about your furry friend’s safety.

What if my dog runs through the electric dog fence?

The use of any of these dog fences will require owner supervision until your dog is trained. These dog fence systems suggest you put up flags around the perimeter area so your dog has a visual image of where the boundary ends. These flags can be removed once your dog knows his limits. In some cases, you may have to shave your dog’s neck to get better collar connection and continue leash training until they understand.

Will my dog be hurt from the shock collar?

“Shock” levels are set by the Humane Society and are more like a static charge than an actual electric shock. The main purpose of the collar is to get your dog’s attention.

What are the benefits of a wireless dog fence compared to a standard chain-link fence?

The main benefit is portability. Wireless fences are ideal for people that travel or for renters. A chain-link fence requires less supervision, no training and is pretty reliable if your dog does try to escape.

Will a neighbor’s dog get shocked if they try to come on my yard?

Not unless you give the neighbor a collar coded to your fence. All systems have their own signals and collar codes.

What are the downsides to a wireless dog fence?

Wireless dog fences have a limited signal area and cannot go through buildings such as sheds or garages. The signal box must be kept out of the elements as it is not waterproof and can act as a lightening attractor.

Are there different strengths/ sizes for different size dogs?

Yes. There are small dog units and large dog units available. They even produce a stubborn dog unit if needed.

Can humans feel it and is it safe around kids?

Humans can only feel shock if they are wearing the collar.

Expert advice from Bobbie, Blain’s Farm & Fleet associate for over 16 years in our Ag & Pet Department at our Janesville location.


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