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Dog Grooming Tips for Winter

Follow these simple dog grooming tips for winter from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

While most dogs enjoy running around outside in the snow, cold temperatures, ice and snow can all cause problems with a dog’s fur and skin. Following some simple grooming tips can help keep your dog comfortable and safe during the cold season. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help you protect your dog’s paws and coat this winter.

Dog Grooming Tips for Winter
Snow and ice can cause problems with your dog’s coat and paws. Follow these grooming tips to keep your dog comfortable and safe this winter.

Protect Paws and Claws

Salt, ice and snow can all cause problems for your dog’s paws and nails. Keep hair around the paws short–otherwise snow and ice can build up. Be careful with paw pads as ice and salt can irritate them. When your dog is done outside, rinse off their paws with warm water. For dry or cracked paw pads, use a paw treatment solution made specially for dogs. Keep nails trimmed during the winter. Your dog can also wear dog socks or boots to protect their paws and nails from the cold.

Maintain Their Coat

It’s a common misconception that dogs shouldn’t have their hair cut in the winter. House dogs can keep their normal haircut all year long. To help combat shedding and matting, brush your dog at least weekly, if not daily. Brushing not only helps with mats and tangles, it also helps distribute natural oils that help condition your dog’s coat and skin. A mat-free coat insulates the body, keeping your dog warm when they’re out in the cold.

Use a Dog Sweater or Jacket

If your dog is going to spend some ample time outside in the winter and their natural coat won’t cut it, you may want to invest in a dog sweater or dog coat. They can keep your furry family member warm when they’re out for a walk or at the dog park.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can trust the animal experts to have everything you need to take care of your four-legged family members this winter. From dog grooming supplies to dog clothing, your beloved dogs will be ready to hit the great outdoors. For more tips on dogs, cats and small animals, visit our Pet Care blog.


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