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How to Know if Your Dog Will Like the Taste of His Food

Find the right dog food for your pup with Hill’s Science Diet and Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Whether you’ve added a new furry family member, or you’re changing your dog’s diet, you might be asking yourself – “how do I know if my dog will like the taste of his food?” Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Hill’s Science Diet are here to help. When it comes to feeding your dog, taste and nutrition both play a role in finding the right dog food. While you can easily assess nutrition by checking the dog food label, you’re not going to try your dog’s food yourself. Hill’s has an easier way to figure out what your dog really wants at dinnertime.

Taste Differences in Dry and Wet Dog Food

How to Know if Your Dog Will Like the Taste of His Food
Whether you have a new puppy or you’re changing your dog’s diet, it can be hard to tell if your dog will actually like their food. Make it easier with these tips from Hill’s Science Diet and Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Dogs only have 1/6 as many taste buds as humans, so even though they can experience tastes like bitter, salt, sour and sweet, the texture and smell of their food are the two factors they keep in mind. Dog food comes in two textures – wet and dry. Both kinds of dog food have their benefits for both owners and their dogs.

Wet Dog Food

Canned wet foods are useful for dogs that need more moisture or fat in their diets. They are usually higher in protein and have a long shelf life when unopened. Wet dog food is good for older dogs, too, because it’s easier to chew. Wet food is also more potent in taste, so your dog may be drawn to the smell and taste of it.

Dry Dog Food

The best dry dog food promotes good dental hygiene from chewing action and usually has a lower fat content. It is also easy to store and measure, encourages firm stools and is typically lower in cost. Dry dog food is good if your dog is grazing all day, instead of eating at a specific time.

Finding the Right Flavor

To figure out which flavors your dog may like, try buying a single can or getting a small sample of different flavors. According to Hill’s, once you find a few foods that meet both your dog’s nutritional needs and flavor profile, think about implementing a nutrition routine – such as his favorite wet food in the morning and dry food at night. Whatever your food routine, make sure it’s consistent. You don’t want to upset your dog’s digestive system.

Just keep trying until you find the right flavor for your dog – some dogs are picky eaters and may take some time to pick their favorite flavors. Always remember to read the dog food labels so your dog gets the nutrients he needs. Through a meal routine and paying attention to your dog’s preferences, you can find the food he’ll love.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we know that dogs are more than just pets – they’re family. We know that you want to feed your dogs like family, with only the best ingredients. That’s why we carry Hill’s Science Diet dog food. For more information about feeding your dogs and other furry family members, visit our Pet Care blog.


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