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Best Dog Toys for Strong Chewers

One of the best dog toys for strong chewers in a Nylabone and Jo Jo the Boxer is Chewing his happily.
Jo Jo the Boxer Pup is a Strong Chewer who loves his Nylabone!

Many people think that the category of strong chewers is exclusive to bully breeds and Mastiffs. But, the truth is strong chewers come in all sizes and breeds. Chewing behavior depends primarily on an individual dog’s desire to chew, temperament or (in some cases) lack of exercise. No matter the size of your dog, if you’re tired of quickly going through dog toys and wondering which toys are safe for your dog, then this article of for you!

Best Dog Toys for Strong Chewers

Nylon Bones

Nylabone makes safe bones for powerful chewers in a variety of sizes. For the bigger breeds we have had great luck with Nylabone’s Monster and Big bones. Their Souper Size Dura Chew and Barbell Dura Chew bones have also proven to be well liked by medium to large breed dogs. On the other end of the spectrum, powerful chewing little guys and gals love Nylabone’s Petite Dura Chew Bones, small Dura Chew Ring Bone and Knobby Sticks, just to name a few.

Not all Nylabones are intended for strong chewers, so be sure to read the packaging. Their Healthy Edible bones are safe for your dog to eat, however many strong chewers eat the edible bones too quickly and this can result in a stomach ache. If you give your dog a Nylabone Healthy Edible bone, monitor them closely and do not let them eat the bone all at once. Healthy Edibles are supposed to be chewed for a while, not inhaled.

Rubber Treat Toys

Kong, Petmate Dogzilla and Nylabone make durable rubber toys which dispense treats in various ways. In addition to being a chew toy, these toys are also a fun brain game for your dog. Some people put peanut butter in a Kong to keep their dog’s interest for a while. We suggest using a low or no sugar peanut butter, since sugar can make dogs hyper.

Kong and Petmate Dogzilla also carry tough toys in a variety of sizes, so no one will feel left out. Not all Kongs and Petmate toys are made for powerful chewers, so be sure to read the label before purchasing.

Real Bones

Most dogs love real bones, especially if they are stuffed with something yummy or have a flavored glaze. Thick, sturdy real beef bones are a great treat for powerful chewers. A beef shank, shin bone, hallow stuffed, Jumbo or Dino bone are great for the medium to larger breeds. Cow hooves are a sturdy chew for the under 30lb strong chewers. However, as with any natural treat, you need to monitor you dog when chewing on real bones or hooves. Chunks can come off that could be a choking hazard. We recommend that you only give your dog real bones that have been professionally processed in the United States.

Durable Fetch Toys

There are many dogs who love fetch but will crush a tennis ball seemingly before the second throw. This can be very dangerous because the green fuzzy shell of a tennis ball can be easily swallowed and cause twisting of the intestines. We’ve had great luck with the durable rubber balls made by Chuckit!.

Toys That May Not Work for Some Strong Chewers

  • Rawhide: Some strong chewers eat it too quickly, which can cause stomach upset. Also, rawhide is a potential choking hazard, especially for dog who easily rip them apart.
  • Rope Toys: Some strong chewers do great with rope toys while others rip them apart. The loose strings can be very dangerous if ingested. If your dog is a rope ripper throw the toy out immediately and try more durable tug toys instead.
  • Soft Fabric or Rubber Toys: These toys are too easy torn apart and ingested.

Please remember, there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, so keep a close eye on your dog and the condition of his toys. If a toy is ripped apart or in any other way compromised, throw it out! It’s not worth risking to your dog’s health. The best dog toys do not trigger your dog to go into a “kill and destroy” mode, but instead encourage him to chew calmly or play.

We hope this list has been helpful and we hope your dog will have many wonderful chew toys in his future.


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