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Canner Cleaning and Care

Canner Cleaning and Care
After making delicious preserves for your family and friends make sure you clean out your canner correctly. Learn how to get your canning supplies sparkling clean with our helpful guide.

Protect the investment you’ve made in your canning equipment with the proper cleaning and care. Be sure to follow these steps to clean your canner and other canning accessories before you store them away until next season. These are general guidelines for cleaning and care. Be sure to ready the manual that came with your canner for more specific cleaning instructions.

How to Clean Your Canner

1. Begin by washing your canner with warm, soapy water. You may choose to use a scouring pad to gently scrub the inside it to remove any build up. You may also use baking soda with warm water to do this. Be sure to wash the outside of the canner as well. Wash and dry thoroughly.

2. Take the gasket off the lid and place it in warm, soapy water. Gaskets need to be cleaned on both sides and in the little crease along the side. You can use a wash cloth or a cotton swab to get inside this crease for a full clean. After you wash the gasket, be sure to check it for signs of wear. The gasket will not seal properly with the canner if it is nicked or cracked, compromising your contents.

3. Next, wash the cover and vent. The tube vent is where the steam is released and may have built up debris inside. Try using a small wire brush to clean inside this tube. Wash the tube well and hold up to the light to be sure you removed all buildup.

4. Clean and inspect the handles. Any debris will cause them to not lock properly. You also want to be sure they are sturdy for handling the weight inside a pressure canner when in use.

5. Store the canner upside down with the lid tucked underneath. It’s recommended that you do not store it upright with the lid locked on the top. If possible, store in a place where dust will be kept off the canner.

6. Be sure to do the above steps each time you finish canning foods. It will help keep your canner looking and performing its best year after year.


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