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5 Organizing Tips for Your Kid’s Room

Get organized with these 5 organizing tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

A kid’s room is an important part of growing up. Developmental strides and fond memories fill the air. You may also notice it’s usually the messiest room in the house. Here are some kid’s room ideas to help consolidate space and make “clean-up time” a little easier for you and your child. Follow these organizing tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

5 Organizing Tips for Your Kid's Room
Organizing a kid’s room can be tough, with the mess of toys, clothes and other odds and ends. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help with 5 simple organizing tips for your kid’s room.

5 Organizing Tips for Your Kid’s Room:

1. Building a shelving unit above the headboard is a great way to save space. Organizing this shelf properly is also very important. Keep your child’s most used toys at the bottom of the shelving unit so they’re easily accessible. Store the most fragile/unused items at the top. If your child has a lot of toys, use a storage basket or media bin that will fit in between shelves. These work great for action figures and other toys that come with loose accessories.

2. Storage drawers are also great for storing toys with small parts and accessories. Consider labeling each drawer to teach your little one where things go. If your child is too young to read, use images or draw pictures. See-through storage drawers are a great way for your child to identify where things go without needing your help during clean-up time.

3. The best thing about children’s clothing is that it’s small. Pick up two tension rods and create two rows of to hang up clothes in the closet. You can even separate them by hanging shirts on the top rod and pants on the bottom rod.

4. Tension rods are also great for nooks that may contain play rooms, bookcases or open face shelving. Consider installing a tension rod in front of the shelving and hanging a fun shower curtain or themed drapery to cover the closet space. This helps to maintain a clean look and can work as a quick fix to a messy play area. Sliding the curtain back and forth is easy!

5. If your child has a lot of hats and jackets, consider using stick-on utility hooks. Line them up along the wall to create a row of hats with a clean look. Mount them to the back of the door to hang jackets or bathrobes so they don’t get in the way. Children’s interests often change, so if you decide to paint the room a different color, these utility hooks are easy to remove without leaving a hole in the wall or a sticky residue.

An organized room is a peaceful room. For more tips on organizing your home, visit our Storage & Organization blog.


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