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What to do When Your Dog Gets Skunked

Know what to do when your dog gets skunked.

Dogs are curious creatures, especially when it comes to other animals. Some wild animals may simply run away from your pet. However, skunks can get defensive, leaving your poor dog full of stinky spray. There are a few ways to remedy the situation if your dog gets skunked. With a little help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can get your dog cleaned up and skunk-free.

What to do When Your Dog Gets Skunked
It’s a smelly situation when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk. Learn what you can do to get your dog smelling squeaky clean again.

Odor Remover

For a fast, simple solution you can use over-the-counter remedies. Nature’s Miracle offers a skunk odor remover. The fast-acting remover is safe for pets. It doesn’t just cover up the scent, it actually removes it. This is a great thing to have on hand if you have a lot of skunks around your property or if your dog could get skunked regularly.

Homemade Solution

If you don’t have a skunk odor remover on hand, you can also make your own. The Humane Society of the United States has a simple recipe for making a skunk odor remover. Mix 1 quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Wear rubber gloves and wash your dog with the solution. Be careful to not get the solution in your dog’s eyes. You can dilute vinegar with water and use that if you don’t have the other ingredients above.

Next, thoroughly rinse off the mixture and wash your dog with dog shampoo. After they’re rinsed off, towel-dry your pup.

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog from getting skunked again is to keep skunks away from your home and yard. There are plenty of humane ways to do this. Skunks (and other wild animals) are always on the hunt for food. Your garbage cans and outdoor pet food are goldmines for skunks. Keep pet food inside and keep a tight lid on your garbage cans. Using floodlights outdoors at night can also help keep skunks away. They’re nocturnal animals and bright light can scare them away to look for a different food source.

Ultimately if your dog does get skunked, you have some simple solutions to clean them up. We also recommend consulting your groomer or veterinarian if your dog gets skunked. For more tips on caring for dogs and other four-legged family members, visit our pet care blog.


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