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Small Space Storage Ideas

Our small space storage ideas will help you get organized in no time.

Downsizing your home happens for a number of reasons. The kids go off to college and you suddenly don’t need a four- or five-bedroom home. Maybe you’re helping that college student organize their dorm room or small apartment. Or maybe you’ve even decided to move up north into a smaller cabin. Whatever the case, organizing small spaces can be tricky. You want your home to look aesthetically pleasing, but you also need functional storage space. Use our small space storage ideas to utilize every nook and cranny in your home.


Small Space Storage Ideas
Downsizing your home doesn’t have to mean downsizing on storage space. Our small space storage ideas will help you utilize unused space in your home.

It might seem obvious, but the first thing to do is get rid of what you don’t need. As you’re organizing and creating storage space, really think about what you do and don’t need. You can always donate stuff that’s in good condition, and throw out what you (or someone else) can’t use. A big part of downsizing a home is downsizing the amount of stuff in it.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to open up any room. The open shelves make the room look bigger, compared to bulky cabinets. You can use decorative baskets for both storage and decoration. Play with spacing and colors to make the shelving an appealing part of the space.

Dual Purpose Furniture

If you’re in a small space, it’s a good idea to make your furniture do double duty. Your furniture should not only function as somewhere to sit and relax, but also as storage. Look for ottomans and mudroom benches that open up for extra storage.

Space under the Stairs

If you have open stairs, you can use the space underneath for storage. Install shelves for extra storage space. You can even put a small desk and office chair underneath to create a quaint home office.

Go Vertical

One of the easiest small space storage ideas to use is going vertical. Utilize vertical spaces to increase storage in your small space. Over-the-door organizers can be used for multiple purposes, not just shoes. Use them to house your other accessories or even use one in another part of the house. If you have storage bins, try vertically stacking them. This even goes for food storage containers. You can save room in the fridge and your cabinets. Taking advantage of vertical space will get things off the floor and other valuable space for even more storage.

Getting organized and finding storage solutions is an ongoing battle for many homeowners. Visit our storage and organization blog for more tips and tricks on taking back valuable storage space in your home.


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