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Woodworking Bench Organizing Tips

Revitalize your work space with our woodworking bench organizing tips.

You use your woodworking bench as a space to escape. To create carpentry masterpieces. To putz around on an ongoing project. When you have so many projects going on, your woodworking bench can become messy and unorganized. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re looking for a specific drill bit or wood chisel in a pile of tools and scraps of wood, you’ll wish you were more organized. With our simple woodworking bench organizing tips, you can take back that valuable work space.

Purge Unnecessary Junk

Woodworking Bench Organizing Tips
Make your woodworking bench an efficient work space with our organizing tips. Create storage space, purge what you don’t need and get back to woodworking.

In woodworking, you never know when a scrap piece of wood will come in handy. You may come up with a project where that old piece of pine lumber is the perfect fit. However, keeping your workbench clear of junk is the key to staying organized.

Designate an area of your work shop or garage for leftover wood. You can use durable shelving for the lumber, or even build shelves on your workbench for the lumber. Get rid of wood you know you’re not going to use. It’s also a good idea to go through your tools. If you’re in need of a tool upgrade, you can always donate your old ones.

Utilize Storage Space

Use storage space to your advantage. One of the easiest ways to create more storage space is with a pegboard. Mounting a pegboard on the wall behind your work bench gives you somewhere to hang all your tools. It also makes your tools easily accessible because they’re all right in front of you.

If possible, you can even hang pegboard on the sides of the bench for more storage space. It’s all about creating storage space while keeping everything organized.

To get started, you can use a pegboard organizer. Install hooks and hangers to fit your all your tools. You can group tools together, such as screwdrivers, wood chisels and more. Just be sure to put tools back where they need to go on the pegboard. Outlining your tools on the pegboard with permanent marker can help you remember where everything goes.

You can also use a drawer storage cabinet to house small hardware. Separate loose drill bits, screws, nails and other small parts. Assign each group their own drawer. If you want, you can label each drawer with masking tape and permanent marker. This way, you’ll know exactly where everything goes in a single glance. Plus, you’ll easily de-clutter your work space.

Staying organized will help you work faster and make clean up easier. For more tips on de-cluttering and organizing spaces around your home, visit our storage and organization blog.


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