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Car Care Myths

Car Care Myths
Take the best care of your car by arming yourself with the truth. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you get the job done right by dispelling these common car care myths.

We all want our car or truck to look sharp. Washing and waxing your exterior regularly helps keep your ride looking like new, but there are a lot of car care myths out there. A lot of them have to do with waxing and washing. Some of them are a little fuzzy, and some are the opposite of the truth. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will expose five common car care myths and the truths behind them.

5 Common Car Care Myths

Myth 1: New vehicles do not need car wax.

False! The clear top coat on the paint jobs of today’s cars can be easily dulled and marred by dust, sand, dirt, and air pollution. These particles in the air cause tiny scratches and scuffs that add up to rob your car or truck of its shine. Regular car care is needed to maintain a vehicle’s sheen. Car wax will clean, shine and protect automotive finishes. It acts as a barrier between your car or truck’s paint and the abrasive particles in the air.

Myth 2: Dish washing detergent is safe to use as a car wash.

This is one of those car care myths that’s a little fuzzy, but we’re going with false. Any dish washing detergent is meant to remove contaminants from the surface, but some can strip the polymers of the clear coat paint surface. This can dull the shine of your car or truck’s paint. Dish liquids aren’t made to be car safe, and some are not. Since there’s usually no way of knowing which one is and which one isn’t, it’s best to just stay away from them. It is recommended that you use a car wash detergent and dilute it with water to avoid dulling your car’s paint or clear coat.

Myth 3: It doesn’t matter how long you spend on a wax job, as long as you do it.

False. The more time you put into washing and waxing, the better your car or truck will look. The kind of car wash and wax you use also makes a difference. You can spend hours on your wax job and still get a poor result if you don’t use a good wax. Try to stick with high quality brand name waxes that are proven and tested.

Myth 4: Waxing once a year is enough to take care of your car’s exterior.

True, but only sometimes. It really depends on your environment and driving habits. If you live in a city with a lot of traffic, you’ll need to wax more than once a year. If you drive on gravel or dirt roads even once a week, you should be waxing fairly often. A good rule of thumb is “the more you drive, the more often you have to wax.” To tell when you need to wax again, spray some water on your car (or look at it right after a rain storm). If the beads are smaller than a quarter in a rainstorm or after washing, the wax barrier is still active. If water starts to form long beads and streaks, it’s time to re-wax.

Myth 5: Using car interior protectants too often on your interior can cause leather and interior plastics to age quickly.

False. This is one of those car care myths that is the opposite of the truth. Plastic and leather materials are soft and pliable due to chemicals used to manufacture the interior. Over time, the leather and plastic lose these key softening ingredients. Plastic shrinks, leather becomes stiff and wear becomes evident. Use interior conditioners and protectants to slow this process.

To get more great info to help you take the best care of your car or truck, stay tuned to our Automotive Blog.


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