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Selling Your Home: 11 Great Tips

Selling Your Home
Selling your house can be daunting, and it can test your patience, but Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you stage your house to sell quickly with these helpful tips.

Whether you’re upgrading from your starter home or downsizing from the house you raised your family in, you want to find a buyer that will love your home as much as you did and give you the most money for it. But selling your home can be hard. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help with 11 great tips for selling your home. This guide will help you make your home as appealing to buyers as possible.

Tips for Selling Your Home

1. Clean your whole home thoroughly.

This is especially true if you have a smoker or family pets in the household. The most enticing characteristic of a home is a well-kept, fresh scented, clean house. The scent of your home plays a big part in some buyers’ decisions. You will not be able to successfully mask an offensive odor with a deodorizing spray. You will need to go beyond trying to mask the problem and tackle the base of the problem. See our Spring Cleaning Tips article for great advice on how to give your home a good scrub.

2. Finish minor repair projects.

Never got around to replacing that broken tile in the bathroom? Is one of the bedroom windows cracked? Is the faucet still leaking in the kitchen? Now is the time to knock out your home repair to do list. The devil is in the details. When selling your home, few small imperfections can add up quickly to give a buyer a bad impression. Buyers prefer a home that they won’t have to do a lot of work on once they move in. Fixing up the small things can also help you get a better price. If the house needs repairs, the buyer will offer you less money to make up for what they’ll have to spend to make them.

3. Roll on a fresh coat of paint.

Painting is one of the least expensive home projects that produce one of the largest impacts. Try to stick with colors that are neutral and would appeal to any age group. If your home is smaller, use the same color in adjacent rooms to simulate a larger space. Try colors that complement your draperies for a seamless and sophisticated look. Give your sun porch a brighter appearance with lively tones. If you’re looking for an interior paint, we have a blog article to help you pick the right one. Re-painting the exterior of your house if you have wood siding can also add curb appeal and make a great first impression at showings.

4. De-clutter your home.

Get rid of knick-knacks and any extra objects on countertops and shelves. Buyers like to imagine their own décor accenting the space. It also helps make countertops and rooms appear larger. Less is more. Pack everything that’s non-essential into tote bins for storage or moving. A clean, organized look is key to selling your home.

Clean and organize closets and cabinets

Let’s face it, buyers will look in your closets and peek in your cabinets. Closet and storage space is a big part of a lot of buyers’ decisions. Remove at least half of what’s in your closets when selling your home. Yes, half! Grab a closet organizer and display a well-organized closet. In cabinets, categorize items and stack in neat columns. Think of how magazines stage these spaces and mimic them.

Rediscover junk rooms

We all have a room or two that collects everything we don’t have a place for. Clear it out. Try decorating these rooms with simple office furniture or a reading chair and side table. You want to turn your “junk rooms” into a space that adds value to your home.

Take out the trash

Nobody goes to the town landfill to see the sights. Therefore, nobody is interested in your trash either. On the day prospective buyers are going to be looking at your home, get rid of all garbage including opened mail envelopes, old magazines, old food and anything that might be visually unappealing. Remember buyers will take a look inside your garage as well so don’t try and quickly hide trash bags. Get trash cans to put them in. This way, garbage is out of sight and the odor stays in the can.

5. Pack up everything you wouldn’t be willing to include in the sale.

Pack up anything you want to keep for your new home such as window treatments or art. A buyer might like to include these items in a sale and you do not want to lose a sale because they wanted your favorite curtains. Make sure anything in view of a buyer is a neutral and negotiable for sale. Be ready to negotiate when selling your home.

6. Make your entryway inviting.

When standing in your entryway, does it feel warm and inviting? Does the entrance make you want to enter? There are many options for creating a charming entryway. Add some decorations to make the transition smooth from the outside to the inside. A simple bench or plants would work. You can even paint your door a bright, cheerful color. If your door looks a little weathered, try replacing the door hardware. A shiny new doorknob, locks, and hinges can make a great impression. When inside, make sure the entryway is clean, inviting, and directs guests in the direction you want them to go. Some planters help smooth the transition from outdoors to indoors. Presentation is everything when selling your home.

7. Maximize lighting.

Lighting is an essential element of home décor. Lighting can make rooms feel more spacious or highlight delicate woodwork throughout your home. The way a room is lit can have a strong effect on a buyer’s mood. You want the lighting in your home to generate a uplifting and awakening personality while still keeping the feeling of warmth. Try using three way light bulbs and lamps with multiple settings to vary lighting when showing your home. Experiment with different lighting in each room when you’re selling your home. Adjust each one to look its best.

8. Float your furniture.

Most sellers push their furniture up against the walls to try and make the room feel more spacious. However, moving furniture into the center of the room and creating cozy conversation nooks provides more pathways for buyers to move around and actually creates the idea of more space. In the middle of the room, slide a few chairs together, add a coffee table and lay down a neutral throw rug. You want your space to display timeless elegance when you’re selling your home.

9. Enhance curb appeal.

Make sure your property looks inviting from the street when you’re selling your home. Keep up on basic lawn care such as mowing, hedging, weeding, sweeping the driveway, raking and edging. You would not want a potential buyer to see your listing, drive by and decide to go on to the next house without coming inside. Open blinds or curtains and have a plant or candle in the window. If you have a nice window in the front of your home, add a window box. When selling your home, you may even want to add some extra plants or a small water fountain to catch a buyer’s eye.

10. De-personalize your home

When you’re selling your home, you have to get yourself into the mindset that you no longer live there. Go through the house and pack up any personal items and decorations, such as family pictures. You want a prospective buyer to envision themselves living there.

11. Trigger positive emotions with positive smells.

Have you ever walked into a place and was immediately put off by a smell? You want to fill your home with scents that make people feel at home. A few good choices would be fresh baked cookies or candles that smell of fresh linen. Another option would be to let bread bake in in a bread maker during showings. Scents like these can make buyers feel at home.


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