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Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

Cure cabin fever this winter with these fun indoor activities for kids.

Don’t let the family fun stop just because it’s winter. There are many indoor activities for kids that are both creative and fun. Keep playing year-round with these winter indoor activities for kids. Family time has never been more fun – and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Go indoor ice skating

Winter Indoor Activities for Kids
As the cold, dreary days of winter drag on, your family might start to have a bit of cabin fever. With our inexpensive and fun indoor activities for kids, you can kiss the winter blues goodbye!

That’s right, you can even ice skate inside. Grab the wax paper from the kitchen and some rubber bands. Let everyone in the family measure their feet on the wax paper and cut squares large enough to reach up to your ankles. Secure the wax paper on each foot with the rubber band. Now hit the carpet and glide! Who knew you could be so warm while ice skating?

Have an indoor snowball fight

Did you know you can have a snowball fight indoors? All you need is some cotton balls. If you have big ones, that’s great! Kids can even draw faces on their snowballs. If you feel more creative, fill some white nylons with poly-fill stuffing. Fill them as big and fluffy as you want. Tie 3 knots in the stocking to secure the stuffing in a ball at the end, and repeat. This way you can snake the filling up the nylon and cut them apart for multiple snowballs from one nylon.

Create your own art gallery

Pull out the water colors, paint brushes and construction paper for this one. Have every member of the family create their own masterpiece. Use straws or other handy accessories you have around your home to create a unique piece. When the works are finished, give them a title. Hang your completed pieces on the wall with the given name of the painting below it. Sit back and admire each other’s work.

Create a wall mural

Designate an area in your home and create a wall mural. Hang some white parchment paper up to cover the walls. Voila! You have an instant canvas for your kids to go nuts on! They will love the idea of drawing on the walls without getting in trouble. Just make sure they know it’s a special occasion!

Cook with the kids

Have you tried cooking with your kids? Many times, you are too busy to have little hands in the way. But when there is nothing better to do on those cold Saturday afternoons, why not let them in on the ‘fun’? Start with something simple, like letting them stir batter for brownies, then letting them frost them. They will love being able to help make something so delicious!

Have fashion show

You know your kids love trying on your clothes and shoes. So this time, let them! Pull out those clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore and let your children and their friends put on a fashion show. Turn your hallway into a runway. Set up chairs at the end for the ‘models’ to strike poses.

Create an indoor obstacle course

If your kids are really bouncing off the walls, create an indoor obstacle course to challenge them and wear them out at the same time. Set up chairs for them to cut back and forth through, create tunnels with blankets and chairs for them to crawl through and set up laundry baskets for them to jump over.

Take a trip to the library or museum

Finally, if you need to get out of the house, try visiting places you normally wouldn’t go to during warm summer months. Spending some time at the local library or museum are great indoor activities for kids. A bowling alley is another great place for kids to release some energy and maybe even pick up a new hobby.

No matter what you choose, indoor activities for kids will also be fun for you, too!


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