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Interior Paint: 3 Things to Consider

choosing an interior paint
The three main things to consider when you’re picking an interior paint are color, coverage, and sheen. Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the experience and supplies to help you get the right paint for your home.

There are a few different things you’ll want to consider before deciding on an interior paint for your project. The main thing to consider is the area where you’ll be using the paint, and testing the paint in that area before buying a large quantity of it.

Interior Paint Color

Color may be the most important thing to consider when you’re picking out an interior paint for your project. Any way you can figure out to test the color on the actual surface you’ll be painting will be helpful. Most stores offer color samples that are larger than the normal swatches. Color can become more intense once you apply it to a large area, so if you’re torn between two shades, always go with the lighter one.

Your color can be affected a lot by the light in the area that you’re painting. When you test the paint there, make sure you look at it in all of the different lighting conditions the space will have. The difference between natural lighting in the day and at night is like, well, day and night. Also consider the different types of light bulbs you might use in the space. Flourescent lights can enhance cool colors like greens and blues, but they can make warm colors like yellows and reds look dull. The opposite is true of incandescent lights. LED lighting is usually very balanced, and is a good way to tell if you truly like the tint of the color.

Interior Paint Coverage

You want to find a paint that will give you good coverage after a single coat. This will save you time and money on your painting project. Most brands offer paint and primer in one can. These combinations are great if you don’t have much time to spend painting, but you’ll get the best coverage by using a separate paint and primer. This is especially true if you’re painting over new drywall or other surface with distinct shapes or different contrasting colors on it.

Interior Paint Sheen

The sheen of your paint can make a lot of difference in how it looks, conceals, lasts, and cleans. When you’re buying a paint, think about the area you’ll be painting, and decide which sheen would perform best there.

Flat paint

  • Is great for covering flaws on walls or ceilings.
  • Stains more easily and is harder to clean than higher-sheen paints.
  • Is best-suited for ceilings or low-traffic areas.

Low-luster paint

  • Is easier to clean than flat paints.
  • Holds up to time and wear better than flat paints.
  • Is best for most painting projects–very versatile.

Semi-gloss paint

  • Is easiest to clean.
  • Works great for windows, doors, shelves, and other intricate surfaces.
  • Has the most durable performance.

Whatever paint you decide on, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the paint and supplies you need. The associates at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet store will be happy to help you find the right interior paint for your home. Also be sure to check out our Painting & Staining Blog for great tips, buyer’s guides. how-to articles, and more.


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