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Front Entrance Paint Ideas & Tips

Give your front entrance a makeover with these paint ideas from Benjamin Moore and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Your front door means you’re home. It welcomes guests and adds curb appeal to your house. While we usually focus on color with the interior of our home, the outside can also make a statement – especially the front entrance and door. With these paint ideas and tips from Benjamin Moore, you(…)

How to Preserve Your Paint Rollers

Learn how to preserve your paint rollers for future use with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. For any painting project, you need the right painting supplies. If you’re painting the walls in your home, you’ll most likely use a paint roller. Paint rollers make it easy to apply even coats of paints in a short amount of time. However, sometimes you need to preserve your paint rollers overnight or even for(…)

Tips for Using Spray Paint

Follow these tips for using spray paint from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Whether you’re refinishing a bench or making over a mailbox, spray paint comes in handy for a variety of projects. Besides picking the right color, knowing how to use spray paint will help you finish your DIY project with a professional, clean look. Follow these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to become a spray painting pro. 1.(…)

Mailbox Makeover

Give your mailbox a makeover with this quick DIY from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. The boring old mailbox is never going to get any compliments from your neighbors. Give it a makeover with some spray paint and some time time in the garage. It’s quick, easy and you’ll love the result. Follow these simple DIY instructions from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. DIY Mailbox Makeover 1. Prep – Remove your mailbox(…)

Stenciling 101

Learn how to stencil with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You’ve admired the technique in interior design books or magazines, but have been afraid to try it on your own. With the patterns and paints that are available today, stenciling is easier than you may think. Simply follow these steps to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room. Tips for Stenciling: 1. Surface to be stenciled should(…)

Tips for Painting Wood Furniture

Follow these simple tips for painting wood furniture from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Ever drive home and see a gorgeous dresser on someone’s curb? Have an old piece of wood furniture that you’ve been dying to restore? With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can start painting wood furniture in no time. Use these simple tips to get started. Tips for Painting Wood Furniture 1. Remove drawers and(…)

Painting an Outdoor Bench

Revitalize your outdoor bench with this DIY project from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. This weekend is the perfect time to spruce up that old wooden bench. With a few supplies and easy instructions, you pull off this DIY project in no time. Follow these easy steps from Rust – Oleum to transform your outdoor bench into a statement piece for your porch or patio. Plus it’s easy to do, so(…)

How to Prep Walls for Painting

Learn how to get your walls ready for a fresh coat of paint with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Tired of old wall color? Looking to revive a room by giving it a new splash of paint? Before you start painting a room in your home, you need to know how to prep walls for painting. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help. How to Prep Walls for Painting 1.(…)

How to Paint a Door

Learn how to paint a door with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. There are plenty of reasons to paint a door. A painted front door can add a pop of color and some easy curbside appeal. Maybe you’re working on a home renovation and need to spruce up a dated look. Or maybe you just need to give your doors a fresh, new shine. Whatever the reason, you(…)

Garage Floor Epoxy DIY

Clean and strengthen your garage floor with our easy garage floor epoxy DIY project. It’s important to keep your garage organized, but have you ever considered the floor? All of those neatly arranged tools and painted cupboards won’t look nearly as nice if there’s a big oil stain on the concrete. Give your garage floor a complete makeover with a garage floor epoxy coating kit. This garage floor epoxy will(…)


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