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How to Paint Window Frames

Learn how to easily paint window frames with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

When the weather warms up, it’s a great time to check off your to-do list of home projects. You might need to pressure wash your house, fix an old door or maybe even paint your windows. Whether you’re repairing chipped paint or you just want a new pop of color, it’s important to know how to properly paint your windows. Use these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to get started.

How to Paint Window Frames
In just a few steps, you can make your window frames look brand new. Learn how to paint window frames with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

How to Paint Windows

1. Prepare the Windows – The first step is preparation. Clean the windows and the window frames themselves. A clean surface helps the paint adhere better.

2. Remove Any Hardware – Remove any hardware from the windows. It makes it a lot easier to paint the windows and the finished product will look a lot neater.

3. Paint In the Right Order – To paint windows, you’ll want an angled sash brush and a trim brush. Start in the top center and work down the window to catch any dripping paint. Paint the muntins, then the sash, frame and sill. Be sure to paint in uniform strokes, all in the same direction. You can either use masking tape on the window panes, or use a razor blade to clean them up once the paint is dry.

4. Keep the Windows Open – Keep the windows open while you’re painting and until they’re completely dry – otherwise they can get painted stuck.

That’s it! Painting windows is a relatively easy DIY project for any homeowner. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need for your next paint project, from top quality paint to paint brushes and sprayers. For more paint project tips and ideas, visit our Painting & Staining blog.


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