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Grilling For a Tailgate Party

grilling for a tailgate party
Your tailgate party wouldn’t be the same without some great grilling. Here’s what you’ll need to grill for a tailgate party.

We all love friends, family, food, and fun. That’s why we love tailgating. It can be boiling hot, or freezing cold in that parking lot, but true fans don’t let that bother them. We tailgate in any weather, just like we support our team in any weather. It can’t ruin our tailgate party. But an unprepared grill master could.

To make your tailgate party perfect, you’ll obviously need a grill. The two go hand in hand. You’ll also need a few other things. So gather up the tools of your trade, grill master. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will show you the essentials for grilling for a tailgate party.

Essentials for Grilling at a Tailgate Party

1. A Portable Grill

First thing’s first. You may say “I already have a grill.” If you have a good way to transport it, and it works for you, stick with it. A portable grill will be easier to fit in your vehicle. It can be really windy in stadium parking lots, so a gas grill may be the best way to go. They are often easier to light and keep burning when the wind is howling. For more information on grills, check out our grill buyer’s guide blog.

2. Long Handled Grilling Utensils

Seems like a no brainer. The long handles will keep you from getting burned or uncomfortably hot. It really stinks to forget your tools.

Look for ones with wrist or hanger straps so you can hang them on the grill quickly if someone throws a football to you. Hey, a tailgate party can get pretty random.

3. Fuel

Whether you have a charcoal grill, a propane grill, or a smoker, you don’t want to forget the fuel. Bring along plenty of charcoal, an LP tank, and some lighter fluid – whatever you need to get that fire blazing.

4. Folding Tables

These serve several purposes. They give you a good place to lay out and prep your food. They also provide a place to serve your food and play some cards or just chat. You can also use them to mark your tailgate party territory.

5. Tried and True Grill Recipes

From burgers to desserts, you can grill just about anything with the right recipe. And let’s face it, food cooked over an open fire is bound to taste better than anything else. You need to plan your menu in advance if you want to have a killer tailgate party.

6. Plenty of Snacks

This will keep the mob at bay while you grill. Jerky, pretzels and chips, and snack nuts are all great options. Don’t set them out too early, though, or everyone might get filled up before your grilled food is ready.

7. Plates, Silverware, and Napkins

Disposable dinnerware is a good choice if it’s not too windy outside, but you may want to bring something that won’t blow away if you’re tailgating in a windy area.


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