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Winter Grilling Tips

You can fire up the grill all winter long with our winter grilling tips.

Some folks like to winterize and pack up their grill when the cold hits and snow falls. Then there are the die-hard grillers who don’t let a little snow and freezing temperatures stop them from lighting up the grill. If you fall into the latter group, you’ll want our winter grilling tips. Get bundled up and get ready to start grilling.

Winter Grilling Tips
Even the coldest temperatures, you can still fire up your grill for the perfect meal. Use our winter grilling tips to get the most out of your grill this winter.

1. Layer Up for Winter

Even though you’re just stepping outside to use the grill, you’re still facing cold weather. Bundle up with winter boots, gloves, a winter coat and winter hat. Avoid wearing scarves or anything else that could catch fire if it dangles over the grill.

2. Remove Snow and Ice

When you’re winter grilling, you have to combat snow and ice. Remove any snow and ice from your grill before you light it up. Cold weather will make your grill work slower, so snow and ice will only make it worse. Also shovel out snow from around your grill, giving you a clear path and work space.

3. Protect Your Grill Between Uses

Even if you’re using your grill, winter weather can take a toll on it if you don’t properly protect it. Keep a cover on your grill when it’s not in use. If you have a charcoal grill, keep the vents open to keep air flowing in the grill. If you’re using a gas grill, clean it between uses. Use our gas grill cleaning tips to give it a thorough cleaning.

4. Give Yourself Extra Pre-Heat & Grilling Time

If you’ve experienced a Midwestern winter, you know the temperature can get very, very cold. The cold weather will make your grill work harder to heat up. Plan your pre-heating and grilling time accordingly. The last thing you want is to miss part of the Packers vs. Bears game because you’re still waiting for the brats and hot dogs to cook. Keep a meat thermometer on hand to make sure your food is thoroughly cooked. Also, keep the grill lid closed while you’re cooking. An open lid plus freezing temperatures equals longer cooking time.

Winter grilling is great for football parties and even holiday meals. Yes, you can cook your Thanksgiving turkey on the grill. For more tips on grilling and great grill recipes, visit our grilling & patio blog.


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