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Gas Grill Cleaning Tips

Your gas grill can be your barbecue pride and joy when you follow these easy cleaning tips.

Grill steaks, hamburgers and brats all year long if you follow these simple instructions for cleaning your gas grill. Not only will you always be able to enjoy your favorite foods, you’ll also have a working gas grill for many years to come.

How To Clean Your Gas Grill
Get back to grilling when you learn how to clean your gas grill.

Gas Grill Clean Setting

Most gas grills come with a cleaning option on the setting knobs. If you have a clean setting on your gas grill, you can use it to burn off any excess grease. While it’s a great tool to burn off excess grease, it’s not going to get your grill truly clean. For that, you’ll need a little elbow grease.

Separating the Gas Grill

When you’re cleaning a gas grill, you want to be safe. Always make sure that the propane gas is turned off before you start cleaning your gas grill.

Remove all parts of the grill, such as the grill burner cover, the ceramic or clay briquettes, and the burner unit to clean each section separately.

Cleaning the Gas Grill

Wash the grill burner cover and burners in a pail of warm water and soapy dish liquid to remove all grease and grime. Use a little elbow grease and scrape off all of the cooked on grease with a grill cleaning brush.

Detach the gas tubes from the burner and propane tank. Give them a thorough cleaning with soapy water. This will make sure your flame is always even. It will also help you avoid having isolated hot and cold spots on your gas grill.

Before you grill, make sure everything is clean and dry. Turn on your grill to burn off any excess cleaner that may remain.

Gas Grill Maintenance & Safety Tips

We suggest thoroughly cleaning your grill at least two times a year. If you grill more frequently, cleaning your grill every five to 10 uses is appropriate. The best way to maintain a clean grill is to scrape it with a grill brush before each use. To prevent food from sticking to the grill grates, use nonstick cooking spray.

Don’t keep your grill close to the house, garage, or under any flammable surface. You need to keep your grill at least 10 feet from your home.

When you’re not using your gas grill, protect it with a gas grill cover.


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