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Grilling Rubs vs. Marinades

Learn about the pros and cons of grilling rubs vs. marinades with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

When it comes to grilling meat, seasoning it is a big part. Some people use grilling rubs, while others let their meat soak in a marinade. Both can impact the flavor on the grill, and both have their pros and cons. Learn about differences between grilling rubs and marinades with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Grilling Rubs vs Marinades
When it comes to flavor on the grill, you can’t go wrong with grilling rubs and marinades. Learn about the pros and cons of both with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Grilling Rubs

A rub is a combination of dry spices and seasonings. You can either buy them as pre-made mix or create your own by combining spices that will compliment each other and the meat you’re seasoning. Some of the pre-made rubs are even specific to types of meat, such as chicken rubs or rib rubs.


  • Portability – It’s great to bring along on a camping trip or while you’re tailgating.
  • Easy to Use – You simply rub it on the meat, and you can do it right on the grill.
  • Variety – It works on a variety of meats, and comes in many flavors.


  • You Have to Use Your Hands – Some people get turned off by having to touch raw meat.
  • Overuse – If you use too much rub, it can ruin the flavor of the meat.


Marinades are seasoned liquids that the meat sits–marinates–in before it’s placed on the grill. This can be done a few ways. An easy and less messy way is to keep the marinade and meat in a storage bag while everything marinates. Another way is to use a plastic container with a lid. Marinade can also help tenderize the meat, so it’s a great way to flavorize a tougher cut.


  • Variety – There is a plethora of marinades and marinade recipes available.
  • Flavor – Meat really soaks in the marinade, usually giving it more intense flavor than a rub.
  • Tenderizing Qualities – It can make meat more tender.


  • Liquid – It’s a liquid, which makes it tougher to bring camping or tailgating.
  • Messy – It can be messy, especially when compared to a shaker of rub.
  • Prep Time – Meat needs to marinate for hours before grill time.

Whether you choose a rub or marinade, you can find both at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You’ll also find everything you need for cooking outdoors, such as smokers, grills and grill accessories. For more grilling tips, visit our Grilling & Patio blog.


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