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Healthy Burger Recipes

healthy burger recipes
You want to take care of your family and keep them strong, healthy and active, but you love burgers. Well, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has some healthy burger recipes that the whole family will love.

Maybe you’re bored with the same old, same old burgers. Maybe you’re looking for healthy alternatives to red meat for your family. Or maybe you’re throwing a “build your own burger” party and you need some more ideas for patties to throw on the grill. Well, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has some great, healthy burger recipes just for you. So, it’s time to bust out the grill.

Healthy Chicken and Turkey Burger Recipes

Chicken and turkey are great alternatives to beef and pork. They are much lower in fat and calories, and they still taste great.

Garden Chicken Burger with Strawberry Sauce

These lean, delicious, ground chicken breast burgers from Women’s Health are healthy and tasty. The strawberry sauce adds a bright zip to the savory chicken patty. The kids will love these.

Herbed Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers get a bad rep for being bland and dry, but this recipe from Simply Recipes is anything but. Infused with rosemary, sage, cloves, and garlic, these patties have a complex, addictive flavor.

Healthy Fish Burger Recipes

Fish is also a good meat to sub for beef or pork. Fish is high in good fats that lower cholesterol. Plus, fish has a lot of protein to keep your family going strong.

The Best Tuna Burger

To claim that something is “the best” is pretty bold. But this delicious burger from world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver certainly backs up its name. Topped with light, tangy lemon and herbs, this tuna patty is about as nutritious as burgers get. For a smoked salmon flavor, use a smoker to cook the patties.

Perfect Salmon Burgers

Another fish patty making a grand claim to fame is this salmon burger from The Food Network. These burgers may look a bit ordinary, but the flavor punch they pack is nothing short of amazing.

Healthy Veggie Burger Recipes

For these yummy veggie recipes, you’ll want to use a food processor. This will make it easier to evenly combine the ingredients for the patties.

Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

These burgers from Iowa Girl Eats have a spicy kick. Made from mashed black beans and chipotle peppers, these veggie burgers are packed with flavor. Top them with guacamole and salsa for an even healthier bite.

Baked Falafel Burgers

The folks at Minimalist Baker gave a little bit of a middle eastern twist to the burger, and it’s packed with healthy veggies and great taste. These leaf-wrapped burgers are a great, healthy meal that even picky eaters will love.

For more great cooking and baking ideas, check out our In the Kitchen and Grilling and Patio blogs. We’ll show you new recipes, buyer’s guides, and grilling and kitchen tricks every week.


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