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Charcoal Grill Buying Guide

Charcoal Grill with hot briquettes
Cooking on a charcoal grill is easy, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experience grill master. If you’re considering getting a grill this summer, make it a charcoal grill.

Remember back to summers as a kid, Dad would be manning the grill, the hot summer sun beginning to dip low. You can smell the meat cooking on the grill. The atmosphere, aroma, and flavor of grilling with charcoal make it a classic choice for barbecues and parties. Recreate those memories with your very own charcoal grill. A high quality charcoal grill, made from heavy duty, weather-resistant materials, will provide years of tasty burgers and bratwurst. From simple styles for your first ever charcoal grill, all the way through modern, technologically advanced models for the ultimate grill master, there is a charcoal grill to suit nearly everyone!

What kind of charcoal grill? Selecting a grill is a matter of budget, physical space, and personal choice. Most charcoal grills are stand alone, meaning they sit on their own stand or cart.

Why Charcoal Grills?

Most hardwood charcoal briquettes burn out in approximately one hour. For extended dinners or evening parties, more briquettes and more time are necessary. The best charcoal grills allow access to add charcoal, without needing to take the grill apart, or remove food from the barbecue. Look for a charcoal grill that includes a separate door providing access to the fire pit, or hinged sections of the grill which let the cook to tend the fire without removing the grate completely. This is an important factor to consider if you plan on using your charcoal grill often.

Charcoal Grill Care

Burning charcoal creates soot and ash. It must be removed from the grill regularly. Contrary to what many old school cooks believe, left over soot and ash does not ‘add flavor’ to food. In fact, too much soot and black grime negatively affects the quality of the meat, and may even cause health problems. Most grills have removable pans or drip trays, which make the cleaning process quick and simple. To clean off the barbecue surface itself, cut a large onion in half, and using a steel fork, impale the halved onion with the flat (cut) side facing down. Then, light the grill, and once it is hot, rub the onion vigorously across the grates. This not only cleans left over burnt food off the grill, it smells good too! When you’re done throw away the onion.


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