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Must-Have Grill Accessories

Grill up all your favorites with these must-have grill accessories from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

One of the traditions of summer is grilling out. Whether you’re having a family barbecue or grilling up some grub at a tailgate party, you’ll need the right tools and grill accessories to get the job done. That’s where we come in. Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the must-have grill accessories for a fun and efficient grilling experience. Let’s get grilling!

Must-Have Grill Accessories
Whether you’re a beginner or grill master, there are some grill accessories that every griller needs.

The Basics: 

There are a few basic grill accessories that anyone with a grill should own. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking with charcoal or propane, these are the basics to keep on hand.

Spatula – Look for a spatula where the blade is lower than the handle. The blade should also be about 4″ wide so you have plenty of room to flip burgers and other grill foods.

Tongs – You’ll want tongs that are dishwasher safe and comfortable to use. Locking tongs are great because they’ll stay closed when you’re not using them.

Fork – A reliable grill fork will help your flip and remove steaks and larger cuts of meat from the grill.

Grill Brush – A sturdy, durable grill brush will help you clean up your grill. Stiff, stainless steel bristles will scrub off debris and burnt-on food. A grill brush with a scraper blade will help you clean your grill even more.

Timer – A dial kitchen timer works well, but a timer with a digital easy-to-read screen is the better option. It’s best to keep a timer on hand to perfect your grilling skills.

Thermometer – Look for a thermometer where the sensor is close to the tip so you can easily find the area of the food you want to read. An easy-to-read digital screen will also help.

Barbecue Mitt – Make sure the materials are heat resistant and will protect your hands when working over the grill.

The Extras:

Once you have the basics, there are plenty of fun and innovative accessories to add to your grilling arsenal. From grill baskets to Bluetooth thermometers, you can really have fun with a variety of grill gadgets.

Grill Basket – Grill fish and cuts of meat in a non-stick grilling basket.

Grill Pan – You’ll want a pan with perforated holes that are big enough to get smoke and heat through, but not too big that food falls through. The pan should also be shallow enough that you can slide a spatula under the food in the pan.

Marinade Injector – Pack meat and fish full of flavor with a grilling marinade injector.

Bluetooth Thermometer – Connect the thermometer to any Bluetooth device, and it will alert you when your food meets the preset temperature.

Rib Rack/Roast Holder – A durable, stainless rib rack will hold up slabs of ribs so you can use more of the grill surface for sides. The roast holder side can cook a whole chicken, turkey or roast.

With all these great accessories, you can grill up all your favorites or even try some new grill recipes. For more tips, buying guides and DIY projects, visit our Grilling & Patio blog.


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