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5 Steps for Cleaning a Charcoal Grill

Follow these five steps for cleaning a charcoal grill from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Like any other cooking surface, grills need to be cleaned and maintained. Proper cleaning isn’t just good for your grill, it’s good for your food. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your charcoal grill and make sure you’ll be ruling your backyard barbecues for years to come!

5 Steps for Cleaning a Charcoal Grill
Get ready for your next tailgating party by cleaning your charcoal grill. Follow these five easy steps from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

How to Clean a Charcoal Grill:

1. Preheat your charcoal grill for 10 to 15 minutes before scraping off any excess grime with a grill brush.

2. There are a few ways to clean the grill grate. You can remove it and wash it in warm water with grease-cutting liquid dish soap. If you’re planning on cleaning it right after you cook, you can use an onion to clean the grill grate. Cut an onion in half, impale it with a grill fork, and use the flat side to rub off any burnt-on food.

3. Make sure that the grill is cold and that all of the embers are out. Shovel the old ashes from the bowl with a fireplace shovel. Throw away cold ashes and embers in a trash bag. Do not throw leftover ashes into a garden or compost pile as charcoal can be harmful to plants.

4. Clean out the grill’s bowl using soapy water and a slight abrasive scrub sponge. Some old school grillers believe that leftover soot and ash add flavor. However, it can actually negatively affect what you’re grilling.

5. Once everything is cleaned and dry, replace your grill briquettes. Make sure that you keep your charcoal or wood in a cool, dry place. You’ll want to replace your charcoal briquettes every time before you grill.

Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or tailgating before the big game, you’ll find everything you need for outdoor cooking at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. From charcoal grills to grill accessories, you can grill up your favorite food, anytime. For more tips and recipe ideas, visit our Grilling & Patio blog.


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