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Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on the Grill

Use these tips for rotisserie cooking on the grill from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

If you’re tired of grocery store rotisserie chicken, you’re in luck. You can make your favorite rotisserie dishes right in your backyard with these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Rotisserie cooking on the grill makes food moister because it seals in the natural juices and flavors, and it sears quickly. It’s perfect for cooking large cuts of meat or even whole animals, like pig, chicken and turkey. Use these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to get started.

Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on the Grill
Cooking with a rotisserie on the grill is a great way to evenly cook while sealing in flavor and moisture. Follow these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to get started!

How Rotisserie Cooking Works

Rotisserie cooking works by roasting meat on a spit or long rod over indirect heat. The spit slowly turns so the meat cooks evenly – and gets the perfect sear while locking in flavor. The rotisserie needs to turn at a constant speed in order to cook correctly.

Tips for Rotisseries Cooking on the Grill

Balance the Meat – Whatever you’re cooking, the food needs to be as equal as possible on either end of the spit rod. This keeps cooking time consistent, and it keeps the food securely on the spit rod.

Use a Drip Pan – A drip pan is great for two reasons. You can use the drippings for a gravy after you’re done grilling. You can also fill the drip pan with broth and vegetables to help add flavor to your food.

Use a Meat Thermometer – While a recipe might tell you a certain cooking time, there are other factors that can affect how long your food should be on the grill. Wind, air temperatures and humidity can all alter how long it takes to cook your meat. It’s best to check the temperature with a meat thermometer. Once it’s fully cooked, let the meat rest so the flavors lock in and the juices settle.

Put Safety First – Whenever you’re grilling, it’s important to keep basic grill safety in mind. Use grill mitts when you’re handling the spit rod. Always follow the instruction manual for your grill and rotisserie accessories.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need to become a grill master. From gas and charcoal grills to barbecue tools, you can start cooking up your favorite meals right in the backyard. For more tips on grilling, grill recipes and how-to’s, visit our Grilling & Patio blog.


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