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Learn How to Play Bocce Ball

Learn how to play the classic lawn game of bocce ball with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

No idea what the difference is between the bocce and pallino balls? No worries. Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the rules for the game of bocce ball so you can take your family out and have a ball…a bocce ball, that is!

Learn How to Play Bocce Ball
Just in time for your Memorial Day (or any holiday) cookout, you can learn how to play bocce ball. Blain’s Farm & Fleet walks you through playing the classic lawn game.

1. Object – The object of the game is to roll the bocce ball closer to the pallino ball than your opponent. The game comes with 8 large balls called “bocce balls” and one small ball called the “pallino” or “jack.” Each team uses four balls per side in their own respective color.

2. Court Layout – Bocce can be played on almost any surface; grass, dirt, sand, etc. The standard size court is 91′ x 13′. A mid foul line and foul lines should also be marked on the ground. Another popular size is 60′ x 12′ but the court can be made into any size to fit the space available. Boundary walls are optional.

3. Players –  Create two teams and choose a color ball. Games can be played as follows: One play v. one player with four bocce balls per player. Two players v. two players with two bocce balls per player. Four players v. four players with one ball per player.

4. Rules –  Flip a coin to see which team plays first. The winner of the coin toss throws the pallino from behind the foul line to put it in play. The pallino must roll past the mid foul line and stay in bounds. If the pallino is not tossed properly by the first team, the opponent then tries to toss the pallino into play.

The team that tosses the pallino properly becomes the first team and tosses one bocce ball as close to the pallino as possible. The first team then steps aside and the second team does the same, still trying to get even closer to the pallino. Once all players have tossed their balls in a frame or round the closest balls get points.

All balls must be tossed from behind the foul line. All balls must be tossed, rolled or bounced underhand. Overhand tosses, rolls or bounces are not permitted. All players must remain outside the Bocce court during a toss. Games can be played with teams on opposing ends of the court or with all players on one end. At the end of each frame, the game starts at the opposite end of the court.

5. Scoring –  Only one team can score in each frame. One point is awarded for each Bocce ball that is closer to the Pallino than the closest bocce ball of the opposing team.

For a complete set of rules, see the instruction manual inside your purchased Bocce Ball set. Be safe, have fun and create lasting memories!


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