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Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System Installation

Install your own Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

It’s a great form of exercise, it’s an activity that the whole family can be involved in, and it’s a good way to enjoy the beautiful summertime weather. If you’re looking for one activity that will provide all of these benefits for years to come, consider installing a Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System. You can download the PDF or follow the instructions below.

Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System Installation
Looking for a lifetime of fun and exercise? Install an in-ground basketball hoop with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

How to Install a Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System:

1. Before beginning basketball hoop assembly, identify and inventory all of the parts. Keep the hardware bags and their contents separate. Test fit all bolts by inserting them into their respective holes. If necessary, carefully scrape away any excess powder coating. You may need to pound the bolts into place with a hammer or mallet. Choose the location of your pole carefully! Avoid putting the pole near overhead power or utility lines. When digging, consider the location of any underground utilities.

2. Dig a hole 24” deep and 21” in diameter. The edge of the hole should be flush with the edge of the playing surface. Mix 8 1/4 bags of concrete. Save 3/4 of a bag of concrete mix to use later in the assembly. Pour the mixed concrete into the hole until it is filled to the level of the playing surface.

3. Make a mark 16 inches from the dimpled end of the bottom pole (do not scratch the powder coating. Next, slide the alignment frame over the bottom pole. Then slide the dimpled end of the bottom pole into the cement up to the 16-inch mark.

4. Position the pole next to the playing surface. For regulation courts, the playing surface should cross the alignment frame at the middle of the scored measurements. Use a level to make sure the pole is standing vertical. Form the cement into a downward slope away from the pole to allow water runoff. Failure to do so may result in premature rusting of the pole.

5. Insert the 30” rebar, (not included with the basketball system), inside the bottom pole so it is about 15” from the top of the pole. Using a level, check the pole several times within the first hour to make sure that all sides are vertical and that the 16-inch mark remains level with the surface. Allow 1-4 hours for the concrete to set.

6. Mix the remaining 3/4 bag of concrete. Fill the bottom pole with concrete until it reaches the top of the rebar, (about 15” from the top of the pole). Tamp the concrete down in the bottom pole with a shovel handle to remove air pockets. Clean all concrete off the outside of the pole. You may now remove the alignment frame.

7. Allow the concrete to set for at least 72 hours before installing the rest of the system onto the bottom pole. In humid climates or wet weather, allow additional time for the concrete to cure. Do not proceed until the curing process is complete.

8. You now have a solid foundation that will ensure many years of enjoyment. To continue installation of your new Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System, download the PDF for easy instructions.


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