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Bean Bag Toss Like a Boss

Bean bag toss is the perfect, easy-to-learn game for tailgate parties, barbecues and summer get-togethers!

You might know it as corn hole, tailgate toss, bags or bean bag toss, but it’s all the same fun game. Pick up your own bean bag toss game for your family and start having fun!

Object of the Game

Bean Bag Toss
Test your skills with one of the most popular lawn games: bean bag toss! Learn the rules, set up and scoring so you can win the game. Bean bag toss will be a great addition to your next family gathering or tailgating event.

The game of bean bag toss is similar to horseshoes, except it uses bean bags and target holes on a board. The object of the game is to pitch the bean bags into the target holes. The player or team that reaches exactly 21 points first after all the bags have been thrown in the round wins!

Course Set Up

Place one board on a clean, level surface. Place the other 15′ to 25′ directly facing the opposite board. The distance between can approximately be measured by five to eight paces from the front of one target to the other. If you want to get really technical, you can always use a tape measure to figure out the right distance between the two boards.

How To Get Started

Bean bag toss can be played in either singles or doubles. One bean bag pitch by each player determines who goes first. The player or teammate whose bag lands in the target hole or closest starts. If two players’ bags both land in the target hole, they pitch again. Teammates split up and stand on opposite sides of the playing field from each other. A player from each team competes against the opposite team’s player who is at the same board. Singles both stand on the same side of the board they’re throwing from. They throw at the same board.

After winning the opening bag toss, that player stands in line with the front of the board to throw their bags. Player one throws all four of their bags and player two follows. If a player crosses the front of the board during a toss, their points do not count and the player’s turn ends.


After all bags have been thrown in a round, the points are counted. If a bean bag lands anywhere on the board it earns one point. If the bag lands partially inside the target hole, it earns two points. Finally, three points are earned for all bags that land inside the target hole. If two players both put bags in the target hole during a round, their points cancel out and do not score.

In singles play, players head down to the other side to score the points and then switch sides and turns after each round. In doubles, players on the opposite end score the points and start the next round.

Winning the Game

If the first player or team reaches 21 points in a round, the opposing player or team must be allowed to take their turn. If a player or team goes over 21 points, they go back to 15 points and it is the other player or teams’ turn. In the event of a tie, the game goes into “sudden death” mode and the player or team who earns more points in that round wins the game. If there is another tie, repeat the sudden death round until a winner emerges.

Bean bag toss is just one of many fun lawn games you can play at your next tailgate or barbecue. Enjoy!


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