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Canning Gift Basket DIY

Make the gift that keeps on giving with a DIY canning gift basket.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, why not put together a fun canning gift basket? Whether they’re a seasoned canner, or want to start canning, you can give them a gift they can actually use.

Canning Gift Basket DIY
Make a gift that’s both charming and useful: a canning gift basket! Fill up the gift basket with canning jars, recipes and more to make the perfect gift for any home canner.

How to Make a Canning Gift Basket

1. One of the best gifts you can put in a canning gift basket is a canning kit. A canning kit is a great way to get the canning process started. If you don’t want to go with the whole kit, you can always get a few inexpensive items to get them started. A jar lifter is always handy in the canning world.

2. Obviously you’ll need mason jars for the canning gift basket. There are clear jars, but you can also pick a color scheme to go with. Choose jars and lids with matching colors to really bring the basket together. There are fun colored jars in green and purple. Most jars come with lids and bands already, but you can buy colorful ones, too.

3. Next, you’ll want to add some canning recipes. They could be recipes for salsa, pickles or even simply canning vegetables from their garden. If you don’t have your own recipes, you can always pick up a canning recipes book to help in their canning adventure.

4. If you think your gift recipient will want some spices, throw those in the basket. You can find canning spices and salts to give the canned goods a great taste. Spices are an easy and inexpensive addition to any canning gift basket.

5. Once you have everything you want to put in your canning gift basket, you need to find a basket to put everything in. This is where your creativity comes in! You can use a decorative storage basket that can be used again in their home. Another option is to use a utility tub. It will go with the rustic theme of canning, and can be used again for planting or harvesting their vegetables. Personalize the basket however you want to make the perfect gift from the heart.

For more canning ideas, tips and mason jar projects, check out our canning blog.


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