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Mason Jar Lanterns DIY

Light up your home and patio with our easy DIY mason jar lanterns.

These mason jar lanterns are perfect for parties, wedding decorations or just a night grilling out in the backyard. With just a few materials and steps, your yard will be transformed into an outdoor oasis. These mason jar lanterns also make a great house warming gift for friends or family who appreciate a rustic touch. With a few simple steps and all your supplies from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll have adorable mason jar lanterns.

Mason Jar Lanterns DIY
Light up your home and patio with easy-to-make mason jar lanterns. You’ll have new decorations that double as a light source.

How to Make Mason Jar Lanterns

1. Decide what size and shape mason jars you want to use. Taller mason jars will give off more light. Whichever size mason jar you choose, just keep the size in mind when choosing the light source. You can also use colored mason jars for a fun lighting option. Fun colors like blue can give off a different light than classic clear mason jars.

2. Once you have your mason jars picked out, it’s time to get them ready for hanging. You can make your own hangers using heavy duty garden wire and cutting it with a pliers. If you’re looking for a quick and easy option, you can use mason jar wire handles. Simply slip them around the lip of the mason jar, and you’re ready to go.

3. If you wish to use your lanterns all year round, we suggest you use flameless candles  and keep the lids on your jars to protect them from the weather. If you are using regular votive candles, leave the lids off your mason jars.

4. Create as few or as many of these lanterns as you wish. Hang them from tree branches around your yard, set them on your porch or hang them from shepherd hooks. It’s a great way to bring a little rustic style and light to your yard.

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