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Mason Jar Vases DIY

Shabby chic is easy with these DIY mason jar vases from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Nothing brightens up a room more than fresh, beautiful flowers. Give your flowers a home and add some rustic charm with easy-to-make mason jar vases. All you need is a mason jar, some paint and a little creativity for a special addition to your home.

How to Make Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jar Vases DIY
Add rustic charm to any room in your home with DIY mason jar vases from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Paint the interior of the mason jar with a black enamel-based paint. You can swirl the paint around the jar, but make sure that the inside is completely covered. Let the paint inside the mason jar dry.

2. Pick your favorite paint colors. Paint the outside of the mason jar using a paint brush or spray paint. Make sure the outside of the mason jar is completely covered and let it dry.

3. Once the inside and outside of the mason jar is completely dry, use sandpaper to sand around the edges of your mason jar. Slightly sand the canning jar logo and the rim of the jar. The black interior will show through after you sand. The coarser the sandpaper, the more distressed your mason jars will look. There is no right or wrong look for your mason jar. Just have fun with it!

4. If you want, you can add embellishments to your mason jars. Add pieces of burlap or poly twine to give it an even more rustic look. Once it’s decorated how you want, add your flowers.

5. You now have a fun flower vase for your beautiful flowers. Add the vase to any room in your home that needs a pop of color. The mason jar vases can also make a great homemade gift.

There are so many fun and easy crafts you can make with mason jars. For more mason jar projects and ideas, check out our canning blog.


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