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How to Can Beets

Canning beets is a great way to enjoy your harvest all year round.

Pickling is one of the most popular ways to preserve beets. But did you know you can simply can them with water and a pinch of salt? You don’t have to go through all the trouble of pickling. With a little help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll be canning beets in no time!

How to Can Beets

Canning Beets How To
Canning beets is simple with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. By canning beets, you can enjoy the produce of your vegetable garden all year round.

1. When canning beets, trim the stems and leave the tap root on. The tap root will help the beets keep their color when you boil them.

2. Boil the beets for a few minutes. Cool them in cold water and slip the skins off. If the beets weren’t boiled long enough for the skin to fall off, you can use a paring knife to remove the skin. You can leave the beets whole, or cut them into halves, quarters or rings. As long as they fit in the jar, cut them into whatever shape you want.

3. Put the beets in your preferred jar, adding plain salt. You can add 1 tsp. for a quart jar and ½ tsp. for a pint jar. Using a ladle, pour boiling water over the beets, leaving about an inch of headspace (the space between the liquid and the top of the jar). Remove the air bubbles with a bubble remover or lid lifter.  Wipe the rims of the jar. Put on the lid and apply the bands.

4. Use a pressure canner for the final step. Quart jars of beets will need to be pressure cooked for 35 minutes, and pint jars for 30 minutes. Adjust the pounds of pressure according to your altitude. Make sure your lids are sealed. When you hear a popping sound, you know your lids are sealed. Always check by pressing the middle of the lid. The lid should not make a popping noise, or move up and down.

5. Store your beets in a cool, dry place. Enjoy your beets!

You can find all the canning supplies you need at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. For more recipe ideas and information about canning, check out our canning blog.


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