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Build a Camping First Aid Kit

Build your own camping first aid kit to bring on your next camping trip.

Camping is a great time for the whole family. Of course, accidents can happen. It’s always best to be prepared for anything, from minor scrapes to more serious emergencies. Equipping yourself and your fellow campers with a camping first aid kit is a must for any trip. Use our checklist to build your own camping first aid kit.

Build a Camping First Aid Kit
Whether you’re backpacking or setting up camp at a campgrounds, you need a camping first aid. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can build your own.

First Aid Kit Basics

To build your camping first aid kit, it’s best to start with the basics. Of course, you can also start out with a store-bought first aid kit and add what you need.

  • Adhesive bandages for small cuts and scrapes.
  • Roll bandages for larger wounds.
  • Safety pins to secure bandages.
  • Gauze and gauze pads for deeper cuts and scrapes.
  • Tweezers, nail clippers and scissors for multiple purposes.
  • Any personal medications needed by you or fellow campers.
  • Aspirin for headaches and other minor aches.
  • Antibiotic cream or ointment to soothe minor scrapes and burns.
  • Latex gloves to keep first aid equipment sterilized when being handled.
  • Ice pack for any bumps and bruises.

Camping-Specific Items

A basic first aid kit won’t cut it when you’re camping. To create a camping first aid kit, you’ll need some additional supplies. Of course, this can vary if you’ll be backpacking or camping at a campgrounds. If you’re backpacking, you may need to pack lighter to save room in your backpack and take weight off your back. However, it’s important to make your safety and health a priority when out in the wilderness.

  • Bug bite lotion for any itchy bug bites.
  • Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream in case you run into poison ivy, oak or sumac.
  • Waterproof matches for an emergency fire.
  • Multi- tool, especially if you’re backpacking or hiking.
  • A small flashlight.
  • Aloe gel for sunburn or campfire burn relief.

How to Store Your Camping First Aid Kit

There are a few different ways to store all the first aid supplies. Whatever kind of container you choose, make sure it’s waterproof. If you’re hiking or backpacking, you also want to make sure the first aid kit will fit in your backpack.

  • A tackle box can serve as a great waterproof first aid kit at the campsite. Divided spaces inside make for easy organization and storage.
  • A lunch bag can keep your supplies safe from water and can be easily stored in a backpack.

You have to be prepared for anything on a camping trip. Before you hit the road (or the trails) make sure everything is in good condition and clean. Check for expired medications and supplies. Once you have the rest of your camping gear, you’ll be set for a fun-filled camping trip. Visit our camping blog for more tips and tricks to enjoying the great outdoors.


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