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Camping Food Preparation Tips

You might think that packing a cooler with camping food is a no-brainer but here are a couple of tips to make sure your food stays fresh during that duration of your trip.

What You Need To Do First

Packing Cold Camping Food

When you start planning your camping trip, look for a high quality, thick sided hard cooler. One that has insulation to keep your food cold. Do not use the soft sided coolers, they are not be able to keep cold food cold for several days at a time. Store your food in leak proof storage containers. Mason jars, when sealed correctly, also make great food storage containers. Investing in a food vacuum sealer can help you maximize space in your cooler.

Freezing Camping Food

camping food stored in a cooler
Learn how to properly pack your camping food before you leave on your trip!

Before you pack your cooler with your camping food, freeze anything that you won’t need right away before added to your cooler. Food at warm temperatures in your cooler will melt the ice more quickly than if your food.

Organizing Multiple Camping Food Coolers

A camping trip isn’t the same if you’re not sitting around the fire and grilling up hamburgers and hot dogs. Things can get jostled around in your car and carrying your cooler to your site. So it is very important to make sure to pack your raw meats in a separate hard cooler.

Cold beverages also need to go in a separate cooler, you’ll be opening and closing your cooler throughout the day letting out cold air. Meats need to be kept chilled consistently in order to maintain their freshness.

Packing Dry Foods

Pack your dry camping foods in storage bags and leak proof storage containers. This will cut down on waste and you will have a much easier time packing your dry foods if they are similar sizes.


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