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Outdoor Cooking on a Camping Trip

Outdoor cooking on a camping trip is easy when you have the right camping gear.

There are all sorts of fun activities to do on a camping trip: swimming, hiking, sleeping in a tent and more. One of the best parts? Cooking outside! Outdoor cooking can have its challenges, but with the right camping gear, you’ll be the master chef of the campsite. Once you have all your camping food prepared, you can use these camping tips to successfully cook in the outdoors.

Campfire Cooking

Outdoor Cooking on a Camping Trip
Master the art of outdoor cooking on your next camping trip. From camp forks to camping stoves, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the outdoor cooking gear you need.

Cooking on a campfire has been done for thousands of years. There are a few ways to show off your outdoor cooking skills with a campfire, and they come down to the right tools.

Camp Fork

When you think of camping, you think of s’mores and hot dogs roasting over the campfire. You can make both of these camping food staples with a camp fork. They’re easy to handle, and great if the kids want to get involved in the outdoor cooking fun.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Outdoor cooking is easy with a dutch oven. These heavy duty, all-in-one ovens cook food to perfection. A dutch oven is a flat-bottomed kettle, typically made from cast iron. It comes with a barn wire handle so you can hang it above the camp fire. A dutch oven also comes with a recessed lid, so you can put charcoal on top of it. The cast iron evenly distributes heat, and stays hot once off the fire. Anything you can cook in your oven at home, you can cook in a dutch oven on the campfire.

Pie Iron

Make outdoor cooking fun for the whole family with a pie iron. A pie iron is a pair of very long tongs with two irons at the end. One of the easiest and most fun things to make in a pie iron is a pudgy pie. You can make a variety of recipes with a pie iron. Get the kids in on the fun, and have a pizza pudgy pie party! Put pieces of bread in each iron, and let the kids put on the sauce, cheese and toppings of their choice. With adult supervision, they can all make their own pizza pudgy pie.

Campfire Grill

Nothing beats a meal on the grill at home. You can make the same great food on a campfire grill. There are different kinds of campfire grills. Campfire cooking is easy with a tripod grill. A tripod grill consists of three metal poles, and an adjustable grill grate that hangs over the campfire. You can even hang your dutch oven or a stew pot on the tripod grill.

There are also swivel grills, which are staked in the ground. The grill grate hangs over the open campfire, supported by the ground stake. If you’re tight with packing space, a folding campfire grill might be the best choice. The legs fold underneath the grill grate when it’s not in use. All three kinds are a great way to try outdoor cooking. With a campfire grill, you can grill out or use a cast iron skillet.

Camping Stove

If you want to do some outdoor cooking that’s more like cooking at home, you can opt for a camping stove. There are a few different kinds of camping stoves to choose from: solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas camping stoves. Propane camping stoves are the most commonly used. They’re easy to use and come with grill plates or burners. For a more in depth look at the different kinds of camping stoves, check out our camp stove guide.


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