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Camp Stove Guide

Cooking your own food while camping can be rewarding. Let us help you pick your perfect camp stove.

When you’re going to buy a camp stove, there are a lot of things to consider. What do you want to cook? How many people are you cooking for? Will you be backpacking with the stove? Hopefully our guide to camping stoves can help you make an easy decision.

Solid Fuel Camp Stove

Solid fuel camp stoves use alcohol gel or fuel tablets. These camp stoves are safe, cheap and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about your fuel leaking or spilling. The problem with solid fuel stoves is that they aren’t very efficient. They take a long time to cook because the fuel tablets burn slowly. You can buy folding camp stoves with a product called camp heat, which is similar to solidified alcohol. While they’re cheap and are easily portable, solid fuel stoves are really meant for emergencies or rare use.

Camp Stove Guide
Cooking is one of the most fun parts of going camping. Learn about the different kinds of camp stoves that are available and get cooking.

Un-pressurized Liquid Fuel Camp Stove

Un-pressurized liquid fuel stoves are usually single burner alcohol stove. They’re a great option because they’re compact and portable. Once they’re lit, they won’t go out until you extinguish the flame or run out of fuel. They are the same types of burners that are used when making fondue. Of course, there are disadvantages for this kind of camp stove. Like the solid fuel stoves, they cook slowly and can be inefficient. The fuel can also leak.

These camp stoves are generally used for backpacking because of their light weight and portability.

Pressurized Liquid Camp Stove

Pressurized liquid stoves are the classic camping stove. They’re used by campers for multiple reasons. They’re cheap and fuel is accessible practically all over the world. Pressurized liquid stoves can use white gas, kerosene, diesel, petrol or denatured alcohol. Many campers see these as the most reliable because their ability to withstand any weather conditions, including the bitter cold.

These camp stoves have their disadvantages. The fuel can leak and cause a flare up while you’re cooking. Another problem is the fuel’s smell. Pressurized liquid stoves are also considered to be high maintenance because of the fuel they use. You may need to carry a cleaning kit. These camp stoves are recommended for backpack camping and longer trips.

Gas Camp Stove

Gas stoves use gas fuel, i.e. propane. These are the most commonly used camping stoves in terms of regular camping. These camping stoves have many advantages. They’re easy to use and clean. They are convenient, and come in a variety of models. Gas stoves can come with grill plates or burners, depending on what you’re looking for. Their portability makes them perfect for camping. Most models fold up, providing easy storage and clean up at your campsite.

They are the most expensive out of all the camping stoves, but all their advantages make the price worth it. Gas stoves are ideal for shorter trips and even tailgating.

Of course, if you really feel like roughing it, you can cook on the campfire. Happy camping!


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