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Campsite Selection Tips

Choosing the right spot for your campsite will make your camping trip feel like a true vacation.

After a long day of hiking, boating, swimming, whatever you’re doing on a camping trip, you will want to retreat to your campsite for relaxation and rest. We’ll give you tips for picking the perfect campsite.

Find an Even Surface

The first factor to consider is the surface where you’re going to put your tent. You will want to pick an area of even ground to pitch your tent. If you pick an uneven surface, you’ll be destined for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Choosing a Campsite
Camping is one of the most fun and thrilling adventures to go on. To guarantee a comfortable camping trip, you will want to choose a great campsite.

While you’re taking the ground into consideration, also make sure you are in a well-drained area. The last thing you want is to wake up and find water in your tent. Once you find your even surface, you can pitch the perfect tent.

Campsite Privacy

Privacy is an important factor when you’re picking a campsite. When you’re looking for the perfect spot, don’t set up camp right next to a trail or another camping site. Staying off the beaten path will also provide a sense of adventure, which is part of the thrill of camping! The point of camping is to be out in the wilderness, not sleeping in a tent 25 feet from another party of campers.

Look for an area where you’ll have plenty of space to spread out, without disrupting or annoying other campers. Remember, you’ll need room for your camping chairs, a campfire, a tent and whatever fun camping gear you brought with you.

Natural Protection From the Elements

Surrounding trees are also something to consider when finding the perfect campsite. First, they provide shade for when the weather is hot. Another reason to look for a wooded area is it can help block the wind. While you want a slight breeze to help cool down and keep bugs at bay, you don’t want gusts of wind coming through your campsite. Wind can blow garbage around, knock down your tent, and make your campfire blow out or even spread. Be careful of dead trees and branches. While they might be standing now, a gust of wind can easily knock them down…right onto your tent.

Water Source: Nay or Yay?

When it comes to camping near a water source, it really depends on what kind of camping you’re doing. If you have an ample water supply—or are in a campgrounds where you can easily get water—you will want to avoid camping near a water source. Although it may be tempting, you’ll definitely be at a disadvantage. You’ll attract more bugs to your campsite. Animals will most definitely use the water source as their own. Your tent could possibly be flooded out. However, if you’re backpacking and need to use a natural body of water as your water source, you may want to camp near it. Use your best judgment on a situational basis.

Finding the perfect campsite really makes a difference in the camping experience. Once you pitch your tent on an even surface with enough shade to protect you from the sun and wind, you’ll be able to enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer. Remember, leave the woods as you found it, and have fun!


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