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Why Tractor Seats Are Important

Tractor seats are easy to forget about, because you’re so busy with other things on the farm. But when your tractor seat needs to be replaced, you notice it big time.

You may not realize it, but think about it. Driving a tractor without a seat doesn’t seem like much fun. If you are driving a tractor with an old, beat-up seat right now, you know how bad things can get. Your back might be killing you, or you might have a sore bum from hours of sitting on a hard, worn seat with a non-existent cushion. A good tractor seat can be the difference between enjoying a day of hard work in the field, or a miserable day of discomfort.

Find a tractor seat that is designed to support the spine and lower back of the operator. When you sit for a long time without good spine support, you can sustain damage to your lower back.

tractor seats
Tractors are one of the most important inventions in human history and tractor seats are one of the most important parts of this invention. Without the proper support, a tractor operator may work inefficiently or experience chronic back pain.

So, when you look for a tractor seat, make sure you get the right one. If you have an open-air tractor, make sure you get a seat that is water-proof. You also want to get a seat that is as well-cushioned as possible. This will save a lot of wear and tear on your back and body. If you spend a lot of hours on a tractor, the impacts from the things you drive over can transfer right through the tractor to your body. All of those rocks, bumps, furrows, and ditches you drive through can take a toll on you. This is why it’s vital to have a well-cushioned tractor seat. If you can’t find a cushioned tractor seat that fits your tractor, there are cushions for tractor seats that you can use to save your back.

Another good idea to help preserve your back is to get a high-backed tractor seat. High-backed tractor seats can help keep you from slouching. They will allow you to lean back and keep good posture while you work. Good posture is important to preventing back problems and back pain.  Investing in the right tractor seat is sure to pay off farther down the road.

Always be sure to consider the dimensions of the seat pan and bed rest when looking for a tractor seat. The best thing to do is to test the tractor seats in the store until you find one that’s comfortable to you. If you have to measure, then take a tape measure and sit with your legs together. Measure across your thighs from outside to outside at the widest place. You should look for a tractor seat that is no less than three quarters that wide. It is important to find a seat that fits you comfortably without restricting your movement. Cushioned neck and arm rests are also a great feature that helps to ensure comfort.

Some other handy features of a good tractor seat include:

  • Back angle adjustments
  • Lumbar adjustments
  • Cushion drainage
  • A suspension system

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