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King Kutter Rotary Tiller Maintenance

Maintain your King Kutter rotary tiller with these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Whether you have acres of farm land or a hobby farm garden, a King Kutter rotary tiller is perfect for tilling soil. Of course, you want to get the most out of your tiller. That’s why routine maintenance is a must. By using this checklist from Blain’s Farm & Fleet you can ensure that your investment will be well-maintained for many farming seasons to come.

King Kutter Rotary Tiller Maintenance
Get the most out of your King Kutter rotary tiller with these maintenance tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

King Kutter Rotary Tiller Maintenance:

1. Periodically check and maintain proper gear oil level.

2. Every 8 hours, grease the “out–board hub”, PTO shaft, universal joints, PTO shaft safety shield and PTO telescoping surface with Type II tube grease.

3. Make sure that you do not grease the slip clutch assembly.

4. Before each use, check to make sure all safety shields are installed and working properly.

5. Check tiller tines for cracks and breaks before every use. Bolt torque tines to 100 ft/ lbs if they need to be replaced.

6. Periodically check all nuts and bolts to ensure they are tight and secure. Make sure that all bolts are torqued at the proper level. The bolts holding the top gearbox to the base plate and the “L” bracket need to be torqued at 75 ft/lbs. The bolts holding the cross over shaft from the top gearbox to the side gearbox should be torqued at 45 ft/lbs.

7. Periodically loosen torque spring bolts and allow the slip clutch to rotate for approximately two revolutions. Loosen the bolts until the springs lose contact with the flange yoke. This ensures that the slip clutch is not in a “locked” position.

8. Make sure that the clutch slips.

9. To re-tighten the slip clutch, tighten the torque spring bolts until the nut makes contact with the flange yoke. Once this happens, tighten an additional one and a half turns.

10. Make sure to use your operator’s manual for all maintenance and safety recommendations for your particular tiller.


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