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The Deer Hunting Equipment Beginner’s Checklist

Check off your deer hunting equipment list with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

If you’re entering the world of deer hunting, you’ll need the proper equipment. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we have everything you need to go from a beginner to a skilled hunter. Use our deer hunting equipment checklist to make sure you have all the gear needed before you hit the woods.

Hunting Blind or Tree Stand

The Deer Hunting Equipment Beginner's Checklist
If you’re a beginner deer hunter, you’ll want to check out our list of must-have deer hunting equipment.

Choosing between a ground blind or a deer hunting stand boils down to a few factors. You have to decide if you’re more comfortable up in a tree or closer to the ground in a blind. They both have their pros and cons. While a ground blind may be more comfortable, they generally require more setup time. They also require more work to eliminate scent, since you’re at the same level as the deer. On the other hand, you have more room and you’re not high up in a tree.

You also need to look at the hunting terrain. A ground blind isn’t going to work if you’re in a thick forest with lots of coverage. A tree stand isn’t the best choice if there’s little coverage. It’s best to pick the option that provides the most coverage and will give you the most confidence.

Rifle, Shotgun or Bow

This choice comes down to preference, but also what you’re hunting. Bow hunting takes a lot of skill and practice, mostly because you need to get much closer to the deer. If you like the challenge of bow hunting, or you’re more comfortable with archery deer hunting equipment, go with that.

A shotgun shoots a spread of pellets (buckshot) which is used for animals on the move in a closer range. A rifle is your best choice if you’re doing some long range shooting at stationary animals. Just remember to always keep your guns in a secured gun case, and to lock them up when you’re not hunting.

Hunting Clothes

Depending on which state you’re hunting in, you’ll need to wear a certain amount of blaze orange clothing. Blaze orange is used so other hunters can see you. To conceal yourself from deer, you need camo clothing, too. Most states allow you to wear camo with a blaze orange safety vest over it. Check with your local DNR or hunter safety program to verify how much blaze orange you need to wear.

Besides safety, your hunting clothes should also make you blend in with your surroundings and keep you warm. Layering your hunting clothes with hunting socks, hunting shirts or pants and a jacket will help you stay covered and comfortable. Read more about women’s hunting clothes and men’s hunting clothes in our hunting blog.

What else do you need?

When it comes to deer hunting equipment, the list can be endless. While the three main things you need are hunting clothes, a gun or bow, and a blind or tree stand, there are plenty of other pieces of deer hunting equipment that can make you into an excellent hunter.

Decoys – Deer decoys are used to catch the attention of other deer that are out of your range. They come into range to check out the unfamiliar doe or buck that you’ve set up. You can read more about using decoy location and setup tips in our deer decoys article.

Calls – Calls are a great piece of deer hunting equipment if you want another option for attracting deer. They can be used to attract does and bucks.

Trail Camera – If you’re hunting on your own property, a trail camera can be used to learn where deer go. This gives you a better idea as to where you should set up your tree stand. Visit our trail camera setup article for tips on setting up a trail camera.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we don’t only care deer hunting equipment, but hunting equipment for duck, goose and more. You’ll find quality hunting equipment from trusted brands like Mossy Oak, Gamehide and more, all at genuine value prices. You can even pick your hunting license at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet.  If you want more hunting tips and information about hunting equipment, check out our hunting blog.


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